Latest Jewelry Trends India

It will be that the first ray of sun already feels the nearest summer, the salt on your skin and the desire to dress lighter and why not to discover a bit’. That the holidays will no longer seem a mirage so far away, but rather the desire to know distant countries and cultures already looks shy, but this is the time of year when fashion is carried away by hurricanes and distant creative inspirations, often exotic, contaminating the mix and match outfits with basic items they want married with extravagant accessories or maybe with jewels that bring to mind fascinating distant landscapes.

India is today the main character, with Amrita Sigh and its charming jewelry. The good things were the jewels of Amrita Sigh-which has cut her teeth working with major fashion names like Oscar of Renta and Christian Lacroix-is the perfect fusion of traditional elements belonging to the Indian culture and the most innovative styles that make her beautiful jewelry perfect and timeless. it is no coincidence then that the jewelry Amrita Sigh have conquered before the covers of top fashion magazines from Vogue to Elle to Marie Claire to Harper’s Bazaarand then celebrities and fashion icons like Anne Hathaway, Jennifer Lopez, Misha Barton and Faith Hill.

The designer offers a huge selection of jewelry, which hide a more tribal instinct or a rich blood like that of Bollywood, including bracelets important and subtle ones to wear one after another, just as the Indian women, necklaces and precious short or long multi-chain to be run several times around the neck, rings and earrings from the sporting look to the far more important outfits can satisfy all kinds of women and above all kinds of portfolios. the jewelry Amrita Sigh are sold mainly to ‘abroad in the largest and most important stores of fashion, but do not despair a huge selection of her extraordinary necklaces is on sale on the site of the designer.