Kit without Lamp Depend Gel Nails

Did I mention in this entry of the kit Depend for construction of nails at home without using lamp.

I’ve tried it and I’ve taken some photos of the step by step so that you can get an idea of how it is.

To begin with, and such as had up, it’s a kit for sculpting nails. Having this kit, is that it does not require lamp for the curing of gel and which hardens by chemical reaction of its two phases.

Step By Step

We start clean fingernails and using Orange stick push cuticles back.

We disinfect with vaporized alcohol (optional) and leave to air dry

We measure the tips

and select sizes that are best suited to our fingernails. We reserve.

We will now give shape to our natural nails with the help of the fine side of the file according to petsinclude.

and very carefully remove your natural shine

Put a drop of glue at the base of the tip and place it at an angle with our fingernail, pressing to avoid air bubbles

We repeat the process until all the tips us

We will cut the tip if it is too long and with a file, we will give way to a

We have a desired length and shape fingernails

So again with the file, remove the shine of the tips for a better adhesion of the gel

Ready to begin sculpting nails with two phases

We apply a first uniform layer of phase one (the Builder gel)

We powder with phase two (the Activator gel curing). It is curious, that feeling after spray drying phase, either the heat, very similar to what feels like to cure the gel lamp nail.

We reapply again the Builder gel

We return to pulverize the desiccant on the second layer of gel and repeat the process three or four times, until the proper nail thickness.

We already have lists our sculptured nails

If we wish, we can apply any color nail polish on the carved or wear them natural, this is because to your liking.

Here I show you the nails natural and glazed

What you think the tutorial? Has it been you useful? I hope Yes.

I encourage you to try this kit, it is very easy to use and the result, you’re already seeing it. For other alternatives, I leave you this link where I talk about the construction of nails without lamp at home.