Just Mobile Gum Pro

The iPhone socket for the road…
After I had read the report on different iPhone/iPod batteries , I realized that I would follow the recommendation and buy the Just Mobile Gum Pro. Why two months between this decision and the implementation lie is, for me is not really understandable, because my iPhone has an annoying extra: It always shines! It once fell on the ground (I wait until today on a “flight app”), destroyed the button in the upper right and can not be switched to the same even with “Automatically switch to standby after x minutes”… and thus lights and lights and It lights up-high power consumption inclusive.
That’s why my iPhone charger Dauergast is in my pocket and also in the university every day.Depending on the usage, my iPhone reaches the socket between two and three times a day.This is not a problem in the university, in the office or even with friends, but there are moments when it is inadequate to ask for a socket, or places where none are available: at the Rhine meadows, in the train or in the desert Example. And you can get more information from hawthornereviews.

Need for the Just Mobile Gum Pro
That’s why I need such an extra battery and I really put it at the heart of every iPhone owner.The battery is charging, this should be done overnight, it takes a bit. The iPhone can then be recharged up to 2.5 times with a charge of the Just Mobile Gum Pro. I consider such a device very practical, as it fits in every handbag and does not take up much space. A little more than 40 euros is not required for it too much. In the scope of supply is however no plug (Cock connector cable) for the iPhone itself thereby, one needs the charging cable with said iPhone and USB plug, which however anyway everyone has.

So, summarized: An additional battery like the Just Mobile Gum Pro is a “must-have” for every iPhone owner.