It was Time: YouTube Allows You to Modify Your Shameful Username

You know that sign in YouTube from school when you were proud to have saved the name gatinha72 or Master d0 surf? It can be with the days if this really is your wish. The video site warned on Friday that users can associate a new identity to the YouTube account to prevent the shameful logins continue appearing when commenting on a new video. And in a way you never imagined: associating the account on the video site to profile Google +.

YouTube explains in an article that integration with social networking / social web allows you to add your full name or as it is known from that on your Google+ profile. No more comment and show the shameful login once. Yesterday, the recording of a special episode of our podcast, we comment on the profile of commentators on YouTube – always with logins that put them into disrepute. It seems that YouTube has found a way to let the less embarrassing for the parties.

Besides changing the name, YouTube provides a kind of amnesty for their past in the video site. When you open the migration wizard from the old account to the new associated Plus, you are asked if you want to review the comments published on the site and the videos you rose to your account. The Internet users have the chance to decide whether you want your real name to appear for that comments or content posted on the video site.

The association login to a Google+ profile arrives first for users in the United States. According to YouTube, users will begin to see the option to migrate when posting a comment or make uploading a video to the site. Each one decides whether or not to adopt the new name from what is on the social network. Brands and companies will not have this option for now.