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It Is HTC a Major Brand for Movistar?

It Is HTC a Major Brand for Movistar?
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In addition to the publication in twitter from HTC that the news is false, the companies involved have told us the same contact with them during the day.

As a result of the information circulating on the network on the divorce from HTC and Movistar in its new catalogue of terminals, we have decided to contact the protagonists of the story, to see what could clarify. We look forward to some clarification during the morning, but while we do that, we leave you with the news.

It sounds really strange, HTC is a safe value in the world of Smartphones, in constant growth, a brand is strong in Spain, and in recent years has been present in the catalogues of every significant operator in the country.

The alleged decision not to work with HTC, would be taken up with the arrival of Luis Miguel Gilpérez (Manager from September of Telefonica in Spain), and could also impact on other European markets where the owner of the operator has business. The next out of the catalog appear to be phones of Chinese brands, Another idea which I think is too risky given its expansion and potential value for money.

Movistar would have to create a group of elected among manufacturers, can collaborate to one higher level of involvement, to have exclusives, best prices, customizations, etc..

Vodafone and Orange can be happy If it is confirmed the decision, since it would be one contender less to bid on main terminals on the market. Others such as Telstra could move to have a more important role for HTC.

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