Iphone and Ipod Touch

Brothers in Arms 2, crossword puzzles and angry birds
Whether iPhone and iPod touch are excellent game consoles, can certainly be aptly discussed.The hardcore gamer is perhaps better served with a PSP, but the normal gamer, which wants to gamble between times, is certainly not around the iPhone and around the app store around. Small games times just by downloading, for small money and everything quickly and cleanly settled over an account-what more could one want? And when you look around the smartphone market, you can see: the quality of the games is really the best at Apple, Android & Co have bad cards. As the developers go where the money and the customers are, the moment is the state of affairs, whether or not the Apple hate or like. This is why there is in the following again a current overview of games around the top sellers of Apple.
Brothers in Arms 2: Global Front ( App-Store-Link )
This is an example for the iPhone, which is not there or playing is not fun? The one that is not so can be occupied with the continuation of the hit “Brothers in Arms” at any time. As a Soldier of the Allies, you are on the battlefields and not only need to shoot senselessly, but also sometimes act strategically. The control of the player is quite exaggerated, even if you hide your finger with a part of the screen, you still get everything, the Gamepublisher Gameloft has done a very good job. The graphics are fine-grained, the levels are good and not too frustrating, already high. On FREDERICASHOPS.COM, you will get more.
an iPhone 3GS the game runs very smoothly, even if the game draws a lot of power, the Akkulevel drops quickly. If you do not want to run as a single player through the area, you can also fight in a multiplayer mode on the side of the Allies. 5.49 euros, which are well-invested and provide for a long game play.

Leisure Revue Crossword Pro ( App Store link )
Disclaimer: The app comes from the Burda Social Brands GmbH, which is as much as Cyberport.de and therefore the Cyber Bloc to Burda Group. If you are more likely to be sitting in the train, you will see the one or the other person who solves a crossword puzzle.This is, however, frankly always too cumbersome to buy a newspaper with a crossword puzzle and then solve with a coolie the more or less tricky questions. Times I have a wrong solution, times I advise and in the end I know then no longer what I have written. Here comes my consideration for iPhone in the game. I always have the iPhone, screens are editable and if I do not feel like a crossword puzzle – a click and everything is gone. And this is exactly what the app does: up to 300 crossword puzzles in different difficulty levels, zoomable puzzles and everything can easily be touched with the good iPhone keyboard, seldom have I had so much fun in a crossword puzzle. And it does not matter to me whether my app has something to do with the leisure revue-which I eh not anyway. 1.59 euros which are well invested.

Angry Birds ( App Store link )
The simplest games are sometimes the games that addictive. So it is also with Angry Birds.Simple concept=a lot of fun. The mission is simple, with buildings that are shot with a catapult, buildings are to be collapsed. Projectiles are the “Angry Birds”, in the buildings are pigs, which must be killed as smartly as possible. This is actually everything, but with the increasing level, the task is getting heavier and heavier, but the frustration factor is not exceeded-so a very clear recommendation for just 79 cents.