iPhone 5S Outsells Every Other iPhone

iPhone 5S iPhone is the Most Popular Ever

According to the latest analysis, the iPhone 5 S is the most successful smartphone from Apple – it sold around the world better than any other iPhone in front of him.

An analysis of Fiksu comes to the conclusion that this better than any previous generation of the Apple Smartphone sells iPhone 5 S. So the Apple contract manufacturer Foxconn for Apple have made already more capacities for the construction of the smartphones available, yet the delivery period of the iPhone is 5s always up to 14 Tage.Die analysis of Fiksu also shows that since the lauch of the iPhone 5S a far higher proportion of the total use of the operating system iOS on this Smartphone goes back as was the case for example with the iPhoner 5 at the same time last year. So the iPhone 5 had a Nutzungssanteil of 6.94 percent of the iOS already 69 days after the launch, the iPhone 5 s’s were almost 8 percent after 69 days, whereas the iPhone 5 C, which had same Leek date as the iPhone 5 S, managed only to 2.78 percent.

Generally, all customers who want a new iPhone 5S, wait on it much longer than on an iPhone 5C. So the delivery time is when the iPhone 5 S with 64 GB average one to two weeks, which is when Apple iPhone 5 C after 24 hours weekdays.

According to managers by Foxconn, only 300,000 workers are just so busy, the iPhone to assemble 5 S in a factory in the Chinese province of Henan. In the factory, 100 production lines with 600 employees are around the clock in operation to deliver 500,000 iPhone 5 S per day.

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