Iphone 4: Today’s Sales Start at Cyberport

Barely there, already gone again…
Only the iPad, now also the iPhone-Apple remains faithful and shines with satisfactory availability. This (slightly) ironic input sentence may well describe the current situation. To today’s sales start of the iPhone 4 may synonymous Cyberport as an official Telekom partner among the select ones count and Apple’s ultimative smartphone offer to the customers. Just how do you want to sell something actively, where demand exceeds supply? As once in the days of the real socialism, the iPhone mutates like once coveted tropical fruits to the bückware and is only sold by allocation. Here is the informative report from the perspective of our mother ship, Cyberport.
Availability of the iPhone 4
All three retail stores in Berlin Mitte, Steglitz and Dresden already received yesterday a medium, single-digit number of devices that were put on sale today. The distribution key was chosen by Apple or the Telekom in favor of the smaller model. However all iPhones are already assigned by appropriate pre-orders and were partly picked up or wait for the acceptance by their new owners. As expected, the number provided so far is not enough to handle the rest of the reservations. However, we expect a new delivery, probably only in about three weeks, in the middle of July. Also the new accessories from Apple, is only expected early July. Among other things, due to the lack of the white model for sales start, we can confirm that the launch of the iPhone 4 is anything but perfect. Because the iPhone 3GS shone at first with a better availability in the last year, about half of the delivery volume was additionally on the different color model-this number was simply not filled by black models, ergo us 50 per cent less iPhone 4 to the start to As the 3GS.

Demonstration models only at the beginning of next week
Likewise, we can not present at the moment an iPhone 4 as demo device of our customers in the stores. And you can get more information from kentontrade.com. We expect the necessary exhibitors for tomorrow, but we can not show them yet.According to the Telekom, there is probably still a software bug that needs to be eliminated before. We hope for an early recovery and an early presentation in our shop shops early next week.

No doubt-the iPhone 4 will be another success, there is not the slightest concern. We are also accustomed to Apple’s scarce availability, as the latest example of the iPad reveals its continuation in the new sales start of the iPhone. In the long run, however, Apple must be careful in the future not to span the arch. As beautiful as a hype at first may be and the uncritical fan boy in its spell draws, Otto-Normalkunde is it in the market economy accustomed to act in abundance-lack and plan economy are certainly prematurely Apple’s success.