Invest! Bike!

This time the Invest! will speak of a global trend: be healthy! This wave of exercise, eat well and take care of the body has grown increasingly, especially here in Brazil! We’ve seen projects of famous bloggers like Hemachandra Stocco and Lala Noleto, giving tips and show how your healthy routine. So, I decided to liagr two subjects: cycling with the fashion world! The sport is charming and can become a habit, besides being a good means of transport on both traffic! I have a friend who lost weight horrors pedaling almost all day!

Look at how many productions fashioners you can use while riding! Since wearing stylish hats to protect from Sun to leggings with balls! And look at the fourth picture, the stylish girl uses a prosthetic right leg, much effort and beauty! Proof that if you can unite the routine to healthier habits. I, personally, can’t ride a bike (shame on me!), but still time to run behind the prejudice!

And charm for us drool: Dolce & Gabbana even invested in the bikes and created a unique model and super expensive with Leopard print, high-tech and well up with a basket to put your it-bag! The Bobbin Bicycle is also famous among celebrities and fashioners on duty! Has in various colors, now a line in sorbet colors, very luxury!
Do you enjoy cycling?

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