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Interview! Sweetheart Of Popstars, Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott Talks About Relationship With Madonna, Katy Perry And Lexter

Interview! Sweetheart Of Popstars, Fashion Designer Jeremy Scott Talks About Relationship With Madonna, Katy Perry And Lexter
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While many designers turn up their nose at everything that is popular, Jeremy Scott takes ownership of consumer icons to give life to his creations. The Barbie doll, drawing The Simpsons and even fast food McDonalds flipped over issues of their collections, both for the brand that takes your name and Moschino, designer who runs from 2013 and that helped reposition in the fashion scenario. It’s like everything he touched turned into desire, almost instantly: perhaps the biggest example are the cases of mobile phone in the shape of a packet of potato chips, which have become a fever and gained cheap replicas around the world.

Well before taking over as Creative Director of the Italian fashion house, to the 20-somethings have dressed stars like Madonna, who would turn into one of his muses. The proximity between the duo is such that yielded to a cameo of him in one of the latest clips, webcam girls, I’m Madonna (2015).

Over time, Jeremy became the darling of the pop world, signing costumes for tours and lush red carpet dresses for names like Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Rita Ora – and, more recently, the brazilian Lexter, who wore Moschino productions in the video to Let him suffer (2015).

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More: he is responsible for the sexy stewardess dress that singer Britney Spears in the music video for the song uses Toxic (2003). The affinity with the universe of popstars is such that, just before starting the interview with Donna, Jeremy explained the reason to be messing with the phone when the Advisor showed the reporter:

-Sorry, Miley Was Texting Me And I Had To Respond.

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:: Miley Cyrus uses Melissa by Jeremy Scott in TV program in the U.S.

In addition to resume full of pop artists, the designer has already lent your name for brands like Longchamp and Adidas – a partnership that lasts more than a decade. Now, the novelty is the collection that Jeremy spear with Melissa, mark gaúcha de plastic shoes that goes beyond Brazil’s borders with stores in London and New York. Just take a good look at the irreverent style of Jeremy to understand that the choice was obvious, and it took you a while to happen: the fun and colorful designer footprint has everything to do with the proposal taken off of Melissa.

-Try to put my personality on the things I create, what I think, what inspires me, and people like it. I put my heart out every six months on the catwalk – reveals.

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Last week, Jeremy Scott landed in Brazil to officially launch the second phase of this partnership, which was first seen on the catwalk of summer of New York fashion week, in 2015. The first were two models, an ankle boot and a high heel tamanquinho, Inflatable Mule. The news this time are two sneakers, sandals and a children’s shoe, which are already on sale.

Interview! Our Spy Chat With Jeremy

Donna-how see the cult of pieces that you created, like the cell phone cases, the shirts of Moschino and Adidas shoes?

Jeremy Scott – I always wished that my work was something that people could share. Is a way to communicate with other people. When love items that make and use, I am very happy, because I feel that I connect with them.

Donna-you have already created costumes for Madonna, Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus and is superpróximo of them. How to draw clothes for the stars?

Jeremy-each one is different, unique. Miley is like the little sister I never had, so I’m overprotective with her. Katy also is like a sister to me, my mate. We have a lot in common, like the same things.

Madonna is an amazing icon. Throughout his life, always have. It’s great that, in addition to being able to dress her, she can be my partner in a gala party, and still wearing my creations (they were together at the Met Ball Gala in traditional 2015), or costumes signed by me (as the last tour, Rebel Heart Tour). Madonna always thinks about the story she wants to tell, as if he were directing a movie. She tells me: “This is my character and what I want to be in this show. I try to think of something to do.

When Katy goes on tour, she tells me: “I’m singing these songs, this is the vibe, what do you think?”. Miley already tells me: “do what you have to do, I will definitely love!”. They are very different, and the relationships are unique.

Donna – And The Stewardess Dress Of Britney Spears In The Music Video For “Toxic”?

Jeremy – I was in Japan at that time, and, when I arrived in Los Angeles, I was asked to make that dress on the third day. They asked if I could do it, and I agreed. I was told that she would be a flight attendant, but that I could do whatever I wanted. So, I did a sci-fi style, on tone Turquoise. She was beautiful, and the outfit was ready right on time for the recording.

Donna-The Brazilian Singer Lexter Also Used Their Creations In A Music Video. Liked The Result?

Jeremy – Yes, I Found A Lot Of Fun! You Like The Pip?


Jeremy – She has an amazing spirit, seems to me to be so positive. It’s so sweet, friendly and fun. She has all the features that I love, you know? It’s sexy, but still fun, without being pretentious. And there’s a lot of connection with people. I love her!

Donna-collector’s Edition campaign Moschino Barbie, a boy first appeared in a commercial for doll. How was the impact? And why did you do this?

Jeremy – Was something very natural to me. When I was little, playing with Barbies. Then, I thought: I have a little boy, that looks like me, and, beyond it, there were other children, two girls playing. It was something very normal, because in fact it is normal: many boys play Barbie. I had no idea that this was something that had never happened before. When did this become a news and people were excited, I was very happy. I got messages from mothers who said: “My son plays with Barbies and I’m so relieved, because I felt bad and now no more”. I’m glad to have touched people in a way so real.

Donna – in the latest issue of New York Fashion Week, we had plus size and older models. Do you think fashion is getting more democratic, giving room for diversity?

Jeremy – I think it is, Yes. It’s great that the fashion show older models, which show different bodies, with silhouettes, heights and shapes to identify people.

Donna-You’re Responsible For Revamping The Moschino. How Do You Evaluate This New Moment Of The Brand?

Jeremy – Love! I’m loving it, by the way. For me, it’s a lot of fun. Is a brand I love Franco (the creator of Moschino, who died in 1994), I love what he did. I’m really thrilled to have the opportunity to bring back your spirit for the brand. It’s amazing to see people connecting and inspiring the next generation, to continue in love with accessories like cell phone cases, shirts and other items that are more accessible to young people. But obviously, I also love creating looks for famous people, like Madonna and Katy Perry.

Donna – And The Collection With Melissa?

Jeremy-it was exciting! They invited me to collaborate with the brand and, immediately, I got the idea about what it would be like. It was really fun to make this collection, like I’m doing a Barbie shoe! I realized how much fun it was plastic, and this made me think of pool toys.

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