Interview! Princess Paola of Orleans And Braganza Shows That It Is a Noble without Pomp, But With a Lot Of Style

Forget all that pomp of fairy tales with palaces, crowns and carriages. Great-great-granddaughter of Emperor Dom Pedro II and great-great-granddaughter of Princess Elizabeth, Paola Maria of Bourbon Orleans-Braganza Sapieha, 33 years, maintains the Majesty only in name. Between flirtations with fashion, design and music – with a resume that includes even works as a presenter, brazilian Princess isn’t afraid to test new possibilities.

— I was a model, tv presenter, DJ. It was all what you think — business, in an interview with Donna in passing by Porto Alegre.

Born in London, Paola came to Brazil with little more than a year, after the separation of the parents. Lived most of her childhood in Petrópolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, until moving to São Paulo, where he studied Industrial Design. While attending classes at Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado (FAAP), gave the start in what would be one of his main passions: debuted as host of the program 21 21 network Blog-and, three years later, he would go to command of I want it, Fashion TV.

Want more? From 2012, the Princess turned businesswoman. Asked by investors Arlee and Roi Carthy, decided to go for it in the design of a signature Club Glambox who delivers, every month, news from the world of beauty in front of consumers.

— Was an important step in my entrepreneurial life, have a company and see it from the beginning. When we launched, had 500 subscribers, but I answer to Facebook, did everything, and it was pretty cool — remember.

In addition to follow world fashion trends and collaborate in curatorship of news for the Princess Glambox also entered professionally the fashion world. Its work as model appeared in magazines such as Elle, Harper’s Bazaar and the brazilian and Italian editions of Vogue. Between comings and goings by catwalk, Paola de Orleans and Bragança has modeled for the maison Dior and French also for national brands such as Gloria Coelho, Animale, Rosa Cha and Cavalera. With the experience of time and the degree of Industrial design in hand, signed two collections of jewels and a mobile line, plus prints and collections of clothes. The latest is a partnership with Spezzato, designed for summer and that includes 15 pieces with timeless footprint, like pantaloons and dresses. Multitasking and a keen creativity, Paola now focuses on designing their efforts: in addition to the collaboration, still in command of your own brand of handkerchiefs, belts and accessories.

— From 2015, when did a lot of things, I realized I had to go back to the Design area, which is where is my essence. You need to be creative and entrepreneurial — account.

Real Princess

“I’m very proud and I feel a lot of joy and gratitude of being born in this family, which has a beautiful story, and have had the opportunity to experience people and very strong characters. Lately I have searched a lot about Leopoldina and Princess Isabel and understood how were women far ahead of your time. Leopoldina is the one who signed the independence of Brazil, and she was an advocate of women’s rights, being black or not, slaves or not. She had a very advanced at that time, and it has inspired me too – since I have a slightly better position in media-that I can do so too. On the other hand, we live in a Republic, and have the same rights and duties as any other citizen. But it’s very nice to have this back story and being able to inspire it. I also had opportunities to travel, to study in schools, and having lived in Petrópolis, a city very pleasant – it must be a bit like Porto Alegre –, a small town with lots of green. That makes a lot of sense for a child, I think they should all have this relationship with nature, especially here in Brazil, a country as Rico. Deprive a child of this is very sad. Other than that, I’m a fighter. ”


“My two partners are fully financial investment market. The meetings we have are a class. I Glambox four years ago and to this day I learn a lot. Undertake to work Saturdays, Sundays, but very cool, because you can’t even see the time passing. Is working for you and your dream. ”

What sets taught

“This Exchange. You don’t do anything alone. While in the world of fashion, it’s all much bigger. This dress underwent a Modeler, passed by a team, went through many processes to be here. There’s a lot of history behind it. It’s a very creative environment and eager. Who works with fashion and with art in General falls in love with an idea. You create the trend, create a dream. It is very beautiful to live. ”

My style is …

“I bet a lot on classical pieces. Of course, I love trends, buy those shoes you wear twice, but I bet a lot on parts that I know will last the rest of your life. You can play with accessories. Call a contemporary fun. We can use the suit as a fantasy – if I’m feeling bad, I put some clothes on to go make me feel well. With a flared skirt, I can leave running all over the world. A more classical piece will make you feel safer, while a dress will remind you of something you wore when you were little. Can move much with your spirit. ”

The top ten brands

“I love Barbara Casasola. She’s a force within it and a style so clean and so classic. I also like girls Isolde for prints and for the joy they put on their clothes. Gloria also Rabbit, it’s amazing. We have so many talented designers in Brazil. The GIG is also a brand that I really like, and has incredible Spezzato ”

The collection for a Spezzato

“Get my essence. I’m a classical, but I really like to dare and playing with the sets. Classical pieces allow you to do that: you will be fashionable, but if you add something supercolorido or a different shoe, still elegant, but also cool. I wanted to create pieces that I had for the rest of his life. Have skirts that I know that I will have forever – and also wide. Individual parts that are essential in the wardrobe, and with a clean cut. Modeling is well made, and a timeless piece. “