Instagram Completely Disables Display of Photos on Twitter

View photos Instagram on Twitter website or by using the official application was possible for a long time. Last week, proving that Facebook would change the service, Instagram eliminated part of it. Yesterday the display was turned off for good.

From now the maximum that will be displayed is a link that leads to a picture of the page and nothing more. According to Twitter, this will also make the photos posted and shared on the social network does not appear in the gallery of users. Originally, the excuse for disabling by the very CEO of Instagram, was “give more value to their own pages.” And this new attitude practically sign the divorce between the two companies.

Unsurprisingly Twitter and Facebook to try to compete for user attention, since a minute spent in one of the two is one minute not spent on another. But the change from the Instagram seemed a bit too drastic.

Interestingly, in some applications the direct display of photos still works. In Tweetbot for iOS, for example, touching an Instagram link will display the picture and not the page. But this is expected, since Facebook has no problem with Tapbots, the owner of Tweetbot. At least for a while…