Ideal Carpet and Flooring for Home Decor

There is a people battalion who think having carpet at home is unnecessary. Try the accessory for a week in your TV room and you will see how important he is to achieve comfort for the feet and warmth for family and friends. In addition, it has decorative function. And the best parts can be present for the entire house. On the balcony, the carpet can match the garden, which delimits spaces in integrated settings.

Yes, the carpets have this power. Today, with ever smaller apartments, integration often becomes inevitable, and with it, bet on this beautiful accessory can solve in one fell swoop, the living and dining room. Start with the following question: what role it will play in the décor? For each answer, there is a correct size mat. In the living rooms, where the use is more common, it should be large enough to comfortably meet all the furniture on it. Armchairs and side tables outside, never! The most common steps in this case are 1.20 and 1.80m x 1.80m x 2.75m. For the dining room, there is a trick (see how to apply wall stickers at test the legs of the chairs stand out when people are sitting. Ideally, it fills the space so that those who are sitting have the chair with the base completely supported on the accessory. However, if your home for those with room to spare, you can combine even different pads, size and colors (which should dialogue between them) to value the place and create the feeling of the environment is divided into two. Know also that there are correct types for which you want to highlight and that everything is connected to the style. If you want to make cottony the highlight, and then choose the color with geometric designs and that really draw attention. But beware that the furniture must be sober; otherwise your room will become a carnival. However, if you want to highlight the living design of parts, opt for neutral models rugs. Carpet as a starting point Keep in mind also that they can be the decoration start, or if you moved house and did not want get rid of that beautiful rug that accompanies it for years, so leave it to match the walls and new sofas that will buy. Shoot it and take it with you at the time of purchase. So it will get easier to find what suits him. If the carpet is neutral, you can bet on accessories with stronger colors and tone on tone. The opposite can also happen, it stronger and softer walls and accessories. Now, if the idea is to highlight the garden or the front of the house, as well as the lobby and the hallway, you can bet on the crosswalks, which are long, narrow and are used in places. So, corridors, stairwells and entrances (including the foot of the door, which can get mats) are the places most commonly used for this intervention. Another important aspect is the security because they leave floors as laminates and firmer waxed woods. Dark carpets reduce the space and light to the feeling of film. Therefore, pay attention and get ready to reinvent your home.