iCloud: Photo Upload Now Also Via The Web Page Possible

The iCloud clutter one of the innovations of iOS 8.1, has a new feature: you can upload now to the computer via iCloud.com pictures, then with your iPhone and other associated devices are synchronized.

On iCloud.com with your Apple ID log in and click on the photos icon, you’ll get more recently right above an “upload” button displayed. It wasn’t there before – and it isn’t even yet always, if you you go to the video album. Apple has tested the Web uploads to the iCloud clutter according to 9to5Mac already some weeks on the beta website before the feature now also on the regular iCloud page was made available. Video uploads does not work but also on the beta page.

Step By Step From Beta To Full Version

The iCloud clutter is still in public beta, so it is not surprising, if functionality is missing. The service is available since updating to iOS 8.1 nationwide on iPhone and co., the associated Web app briefly earlier went to the network, a new photos app for the Mac to follow. The iCloud clutter synchronized automatically all your photos and videos with iCloud, and from there directly to all linked devices – if the feature under “settings |” iCloud | Photos”is enabled.

iCloud Photo Upload Now Also Via The Web Page Possible