HTC One X +, Do a One X with Steroids?

All is known little mania that manufacturers in the world of technology have bring out a product for a few months later, take the same thing a little better. Once we saw it with the – almost – endless family of Samsung Galaxy, in laptops is daily bread and becoming common in tablets. If confirmed rumors it is possible that soon it happens also to HTC with the HTC One X +.

Indeed, based on the HTC One X with the only change from a better processor. We go from the original Tegra 3 to 1.5 GHz. to a new version (some call it NVidia Tegra 3 +) also with quad-core (4-PLUS-1) but 1.7 GHz., that it would offer significantly higher performance. The rest of features could be kept intact, including the – huge – screen 4.7 inch.

This rumor has arisen based on a series of benchmarks published on the net in the last days, and aims to be a model that will be featured in T-Mobile United States. For now there is no information about its possible arrival in Europe, with that around here will have to settle for the original One X.

We also have to remember the rumors of an HTC One XXL, similar to the X (screen size) but with 2 GB of RAM and a 4 core processor SnapDragon S4. For now HTC has neither confirmed nor denied or the rumors of the XXL or the of the HTC One X on steroids, and it doesn’t seem to make any presentation until the month of September.