HTC Could Launch The HTC One XXL, a Monster with 4-Core, 2 GB RAM and 4.7 Inches

Seems to be that war by having the most powerful Terminal This new generation of super-telefonos with Android 4.0 It is something that brings the head to all the major manufacturers.

HTC, not content with having their new HTC One already on the market, especially One X with quad-core processor, has in mind launching a review of the HTC One XL (similar to the One X but with dual-core and chipset Qualcomm). The new beast would be called HTC One XXL. We know what has been leaked from this device.

It would be a really amazing terminal in terms of raw power. Would have processor Snapdragon S4 28nm architecture of 4 cores, a 320 Adreno GPU, a 2 GB RAM memory and one screen of 4.7 inch size with 720 p resolution.

Would also have camera 8MP rear and front 1.8 MP. Note that it also incorporated LTE connectivity / 4 G.

Apparently, and according to some Benchmarks leaked by the network, the device battery widely the power of the new Samsung Galaxy SIII, even overclocked.
“The codename for the device appears as”Closurexxl”, but clearly that would be One XXL finally appear, to dry”.

We will wait to see if we have any news about it, and above all, if we will get to see in Spain, although clear, with it’s LTE connectivity, I am afraid that as not take out an alternate version, We will not see it.