HTC Confirms That The Desire HD and Desire S Yes Will Receive The Upgrade to Ice Cream Sandwich

A few days ago we did echo of a list of various Telus, a Canadian operator of Android smartphones software updates. The list confirmed that the HTC Desire HD It would not receive an update to Ice Cream Sandwich. After the uncertainty of the lack of official information, the Taiwanese company has jumped to the fore.

HTC has confirmed through an official statement that finally this smartphone, which recall compliance two years within a couple of months, will receive the penultimate version of Google’s operating system and that it will also make it respecting the deadlines set. I.e.: between this month and next.

In addition, the Taiwanese has confirmed that not only this model will receive Ice Cream Sandwich but will also make it the HTC Desire S. Something that both Smartphone users will appreciate the updates, or the lack of those, is a fairly criticized issue in Android and manufacturers are not always at the height.

The truth is that the original comment didn’t have much reason for being. The hardware may not be a problem when there are devices with more modest specifications that can with Ice Cream Sandwich, and also with the respective layer of software, without any problems. We hope, now, that is not delay much and that this official version also serve ROMs cooks can bring us alternatives.