How to Wear the Long Cardigan

This is our best friend by bad weather: the long cardigan, soft, we bundle up in without asking too many questions. If he leaves us no more, it is still necessary however to know how to wear it. Here are 3 tips to properly wear the long cardigan.

The cardigan long bohemian way at Michael Kors

This season, the woman Michael Kors swears by the mottled gray and chestnut brown.She hides her seductive game in perfect mesh. Needless to say we will look a lot like him.

The model: the long cardigan, we instead chose the chunky knit a little rustic, with large buttons, which are not necessarily close to the bottom, for a glimpse of the legs.
The ideal combination: one opts for a very long scarf which is left floating the sections ahead, and we slip our feet in a nice pair of boots suede. A bucket bag under his arm, and we bohemian look in an instant.
The right attitude : it assumes the big cardigan like a long jacket, and puts nothing above. Too long sleeves covering half the hands is also done on purpose. The cardigan long way rock at Zadig & Voltaire Thread a cardigan does not mean giving up a rock and urban outfit either. At Zadig & Voltaire, long cardigan can even become the alternative to winter biker jacket.

The model: a cardigan ball, very loose, pure white and fluffy. We love it with happiness.
The ideal combination : under this model requires the romantic play by juxtaposing it with a top in virginal lace. A cap as a hat to accentuate the quick draw bundled up, and to give a twist we put on a rock leather leggings and boots rising.

The right attitude: no jewelry, a bag casually held under the arm, the important is that it has appeared to have donned that came our hands while holding is carefully studied.

The cardigan long way eighties at Véronique Leroy

The long cardigan seen by BESTAAH, is a pregnancy cardigan which is stylish and desirable.They say yes to the very eighties jacket, structured and assumed.

Model: lemon, almond green, red passion, we colored cardigan, and Geometric please.
The ideal combination: with a strong piece like this, it is played with a set working girl jacket and cream or black capris. And for the eighties touches, a scarf around the neck will be ideal.
The right attitude: in good working girl, it bears his cardigan as a trench. This is the overcoat which is adorned in all circumstances.