How to Wear a Maxi Dress with Slits

With the approach of year-end holidays, the dress slit pulls out of the game and has already won many fashionistas generous curves. But wearing the dress slit when we round legs, is it really a good idea? Find now our advice and shopping selection for you to try it without risking bad taste.

How to Wear a Maxi Dress with Slits

Slit Dress and Plump Legs, Incompatible?

The long dress slit along the legs is one of the great classics and even legendary cuts that are timeless. Trend fatal or woman look glamorous , she squats red carpet worn by the greatest actresses and singers for each award.

But adopting the split dress when you round legs, is it really a good idea? For if this cut is appealing, it is still necessary whether it will go to us, who are neither ultra thin nor necessarily very large.

It must be admitted, in fact, cellulite on the knees, visible veins and even stretch marks which some of us face is not always compatible with this type of dress. But you know what? These little problems are not exclusively for curvy women as thin women may also have to combine with.

In addition, the round legs are not necessarily less beautiful than thin legs, evidenced by the pictures of these fabulous round bloggers. So wear the dress slit when we round legs, yes, provided to prepare its beautiful gams before.

Before Putting on the Robe, Pampers the Pretty Legs!

To avoid the bad taste and feel really comfortable in her dress, there is every chance of his side in preparing his legs first. Scrub, waxing, we make sure to take the time to do this properly. An apparent razor cut because you wanted to shave your legs “quick well done” before the evening, this is not what is more aesthetic.

Then, several options are available to us to improve the appearance of skin. Wear pretty sticky more or less opaque depending on the desired effect, use self-tanner or even make up his gams. For this, we apply a product specifically designed for body makeup, mixing a little foundation or moisturizer to her we apply a veil of colored powder. And if you’re the perfectionist type, why not combine several of these tips, some makeup under her tights for a zero defect result for example?

A Large Summer Dress, Our Favorite for Parties

The year-end holidays are approaching and therefore booked a selection of summer dresses to wear for the summer at

Red Dress

Femme fatale from head to foot, it takes this long dress, red and split that has a charm and has the advantage of having long sleeves, perfect for end of year celebrations and occasions Winter.

The Black Dress with Sequins

The little black dress is a classic that we must revisit if one does not want to fall into banality. This year, for example try this dress slit Sequin, easy to take, but which remains completely original.

The Low-Cut Dress

A little color and originality with this dress cut on the chest which provides a form of neckline of the most original. With the right accessories, this is the perfect dress to concoct a look both retro and glamor.

The Metallic Dress

This season, the trend is metallized! And that’s good because for the holidays, this is the kind of “eccentricity” that can afford easily. We then tried the golden dress slit to be the most beautiful of the summer.

The Zipper Dress

To manage oneself the opening of her dress, we adopt this zip pattern mat that can modulate the extent of the opening according to the desires and opportunity. Well thought!