How to Watch Live TV on the Tablet

The tablet has become a versatile tool for practically everything. We can play, work with it … as some experts say, if it exists, there is an application to do just that on a tablet.

Television is no exception and although many times when we watch TV we do with a tablet in hand , we can also see our channels and favorite programs from it. How? Technology you to you will explain it.

You watch TV on the tablet is it legal?

One of the first questions that we may come to mind is whether these services are legal. Within the broadcast television internet must distinguish two major roads.

On the one hand we have the reproduction of individuals of pay channels as football matches. These emissions are illegal and if it is content that is pay per view. With these applications we see today can not do that.

Then there are open channels also broadcast the content of DTT do over the Internet through PC accessories. Being open, we can play without having to worry. It is completely legal and enjoy an identical signal quality than on TV.

That said, we will talk about the latter, applications to view channels like Antena 3, Telecinco and La Sexta from our tablet. An application for each operating system.

Watching TV on Android TV DTT Charter


In Google Play there are many applications to watch TV live but we are left with Freeview TV to the Charter. It is free and is also optimized so that we can enjoy our content on the tablet.

It is a simple application that allows us to see all channels open our TV. Install it , we choose the channel you want to see and will begin playing at the time. You can download it here .

Watching TV on iPad: Spain Premium TV-Radio

If we use an iPad , we recommend Spain Premium TV-Radio . It is a paid application, but economically, which allows us to view all open channels of Spain as well as radio stations or even air channels from other countries.

The application is quite complete and quality that offers picture and sound is quite good. Remember that if you use a type Smart Cover can put your iPad stand and watch it like a small TV. You can download it here.

Watching TV in Windows 8: Zattoo


A classic application but that has remained over time. With years using the internet surely remember to Zattoo: an application that allowed us to watch live TV online.

Now is renewed and is fully compatible with Windows 8 . We can download it from the link below . You see TV on the tablet? If you’re looking for a tablet, take a look at our selection here.


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