How to Transform Day Makeup to Night Makeup

How to transform the makeup from day to evening? Simply with a pencil. Not only we change the outfit from day to night, but the trick and nuance more muted sunlight, more marked from sunset onwards. But how to adjust the shot without make-up off and start over again especially if you did not have time to go home? With the right products 2 in 1 “Day & Night”, the retouch is simple and shades adapt to the times of the day: an example, the Matitona PuroBIO cosmetics , a product with two different shades, to be used together or decline to change the easy trick.

Daytime and evening orange copper

Ehuacom recommends you choose the day make-up on lighter shades of orange which stands out the blue color of the irises. The lightweight base made ​​of a thin layer of foundation and a coat of lip balm on the lips. For the evening, instead, it has simply added a copper touch on the upper eyelid, a black eyeliner and lots of mascara on the lashes. On the mouth a thin layer of transparent gloss over the lip balm daily.

Daytime and evening golden brown

A make up from day trend this season is the natural shades of brown and beige, like the one worn by the model Gigi Hadid, to transform the evening by simply adding a golden touch on the mobile eyelids and plenty of mascara on the lashes.

Day green and silver evening

Green hope for the beautiful Olivia Wilde , faded over the entire eyelid with a coat of matte lipstick on orange tones. For the evening instead it opted for a touch of silver, applied over the green eyeshadow for a glamorous effect.

Day coral and red evening

Not only the change of eye shadow makeup can transform from day to night! The lipstick makes a difference, for example Kate Boswoth for the day chose a trendy color super coral, while in the evening he opted for a red super chic access.