How to Stay Stylish During Pregnancy?

7 Good Basics of Pregnancy
For the good shopper basic mode, those we will be essential during pregnancy, one allows pregnant rays like those of ready-to-wear, the whole is to be cautious.

1- Indispensable: the leggings.

It goes with everything: a big sweater or a little dress. Black, gray or navy blue, it provides a chic look even at night. Wear it low waist during the first months of pregnancy, and tall when the belly is rounder.

Buy it: the radius ready-to-wear for the first, the radius pregnant for the second

2- The must of pregnancy fashion: a “cover” dress.

Advantage: fluidity hidden forms of pregnancy. Another form of dress favored: the empire waist that highlights the neckline. Finally, do not hesitate to invest in a dress with elastic waist. An ultra practical detail and comfort that supports the abdomen in the late afternoon

Buy it: the ready-to-wear range, why deprive the last collection while these forms we are going to wonder?

3- A tee-shirt tight with ruching on the side that will monitor your belly. Buy it: the radius pregnant women, the right cut and the right material that can remain in the shirt a t- shirt and will not turn a trick informs.

4- Although seen also the jeans size special low-motherhood that are scalable.

Bootcut, slim, with eleph … the good news is leg as exist today in all shapes and colors.

Buy it: the pregnant women to keep radius along and enjoy the true comfort That reconciles thesis pants fashion as the others.

5- A petticoat.

It can be worn in summer than winter when the cold rages, associate it with a cashmere sweater … And leggings.

Buy it: the ready-to-wear ranks and is well along chooses to wear low waist or high waist by the time of pregnancy.

6- Malins, the extensors in bra.

An accessory that keeps her skirt a little nice underwear.

Buy it: the ready-to-wear range, as all the big names in offer, the curves are not always the result of a pregnancy.

7- A swimsuit.

1 piece to protect your stomach from sunlight.

Buy it: the ready-to-wear ranks or pregnant woman have ict morphology, primarily because It should make us beautiful.

4 Stylish and Smart Tips to Stay Fashionable During Pregnancy

1- Divert scarf by tying it to size. A detail and stylish comfort fashion. It helps supporting the belly when firing late in the day.
2- Focus on accessories and multiply to Enhance basic parts. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, anything goes. Some babies are-even soothed by the sound of jingle bell necklaces swinging on the belly of Their mother.
3- Up to 4 months of pregnancy, or when you have the opportunity to have the line of a twig, one continued to dress in the Sami shops, buying just one or two sizes larger than usual … pregnancy requires. Purpose be careful to choose components that can see mode “loose” after pregnancy.
4- Can finally be used in the dressing darling. It will not dare protest, one is pregnant, and poking his t-shirts and jeans own the tomboy style.

6 Attitudes, Clothing and Accessories to Avoid During Thesis 9 Months of Pregnancy

 1- dress, pants and printed tops make us the eye? Attention danger! Buy a trendy pieces that is almost never the assurance of wear because next year … It will not be so trendy. Another risk try trying a room when our body does not look like us, once found online, not sure that we really go.

2- Do not make the mistake Sami That Kim Kardashian during pregnancy and let her heels 12cm in their box. First risk. Fall second risk. Getting back loaf And if you really do skip the heels is impossible not to exceed 4 centimeters in height.

3- The complicated shoes to put that strength to bend down and compresses “baby”.

So we forget, time, shoes multi flanges that wrap around the ankle boots or without zipper. The drive is ballerinas, anyway they have become one of the basics of fashion dressing, so we can wear after-pregnancy.

4- From shirts to tank through the dress is better outlaw the time of her pregnancy too tight clothes. Clothing too close to the body does not in our face value, especially when one has not a nice firm and round belly.

5- The bra that does not take the breast our advice. Regularly go in specialty stores where underwear vendors actually take the time and are very caring to make our measurements in order to buy the right size Nothing worse than wearing a bra too small .

6- Wear lightweight, flexible and natural materials in avoiding synthetic. These materials-have the disadvantage of scratching was skin-sensitized during the months of pregnancy.