How to Renovate Bedroom

For some reason, the bedroom when the renovation is always one of the last places. When the room is decorated, hung curtains and walls gave a tan. However, it takes a long time before we take the trouble to clean out the room again and give a new fresh look.


In the bedroom, the colors are also of interest. It is often said that the use of cool colors like blue, but of course is not necessary. The brown coming back again sometime in fashion, can also be implemented well in the bedroom.

So you get a new look when choosing a brown wall with a light blue wall decoration, for example. Blue curtains. But you combine it with brown apple green or glaucous, entrance to the bedroom suddenly different. It just depends on where the setting turns off. But it is always advisable to add white or warm white color combination. This prevents the colors are too strong. Can be as warm white fines on a wall, a number of accessories, styles of windows and doors, and baseboards.

Like red nice, it becomes difficult mitigated somewhat by combining it with orange or rust color. Again, combining it with warm white or off-white.


The bed is still good or not? The main theme of the bedroom should do for your body what you need for a good night’s sleep and you take advice from your dealer is not a luxury. Conversion is all up to you and when you set the colors for your bedroom, it is also possible to see what conversions you’re looking for it.


The advice to keep quiet bedroom is nothing for nothing. Watch out for plants that use oxygen at night, and turn off the TV altogether. But of course it can actually be something in a bedroom. So it’s comfortable, functional for? If you are a reader in bed to have a shelf above the bed or to another wall. Do you read magazines mn, then a deeper shelf where you all can come in handy to lose.

Nightstands are no longer a regular part of the lake bed. There are nice tables in a modern MDF or old oak kitchen where you can store your stuff. Depending on the style of the room until you are at the tables. The light at the bed is important. A reader in bed will have a bright light, but if you want just a little atmospheric lighting in the bedroom, small lights on the cabinets do good service. Modern or retro, fabric, glass-glass or mini chandeliers hang over the tables.

The rug in the color combination in the bedroom is not that hard to imagine, but some pillows in a certain color to give a little more character. It is therefore easier to maintain, for example, to litter white. The pillows can be of different substances in one color. A hairy wool pad can be easily combined with other textiles. If different materials are used, one color or just some nuances in color but recommended.

If the closets in the bedroom closet, they must be very beautiful. Railing on the wall and plastic or wood parts for a guide on the wall and your clothes are eliminated. For his special shoes to bags in the closet roadwork and with some shelves on the wall, the things that should also be a plate is behind the wall. The optical slightly larger so that it looks like, for example, in large part to the mirrored wall areas. Can also be very functional.

Vitrage is very personal. Warm draped fabrics, wooden or plastic horizontal or vertical blinds or smart panels that cover the window. Anything is possible, but is part of the overall image of colors and materials in the bedroom.

A large wall for something special? The relatively empty bedroom can be a work of art painted on a large flat wall is very nice. Usually, but set up in one or two colors. For example, the bedroom is quiet, is wearing and definitely an eye-catcher. There are patterns in the market to raise it yourself, with a tamponeer brush the paint is then applied. Of course, you can always ask an artist to create something.

First, think about what colors, what to do, establish the budget and then to work. Good luck!