How to Properly Wear a Jacket

In any women’s wardrobe no such thing as a jacket or blazer. Woman jacket was called. They have a huge number of models, colors and styles. Blazer turn earlier was jacket club and has a dark blue, with metal buttons and embroidered club emblem, which is most often in your pocket. Despite its popularity, some women are wondering – how to properly wear female jacket? Let’s see Threergroup.

As is fashionable to wear a jacket?

Many girls often ask how stylish wear a jacket? Jackets and blazers look great with black and tight pants made of textiles or leather. In this case, under his jacket seems to wear plain T-shirt in white or simple blouse.

How else can be beautiful to wear a jacket? Ladies jackets look great with skirts or dresses, and that can not only wear and cocktail dresses, but also light sundresses summer. Fashionable outfit can create thanks to blazer and skirt with a high waist.

Combining jacket and denim shorts is no longer need to wonder what beautiful to wear a jacket. Maicon gray or white, or add to it a classic shirt. Moreover shorts can be not only denim, but also sports classic. In recent times, it is a very often supplemented by shorts that create boyish way. This pant is necessary to choose very carefully – choose models with high waist, as only they are not visually ubavyat their growth. Another warning – do not bring in this botilyonы, it is better to choose heels.

In no event jacket and a jacket is original and versatile item in your wardrobe, as it will be appropriate in many different styles such as winter and summer wardrobe.