How to Match the Walls to the Furniture

In exactly the same way we try to combine the best colors of our clothes, even the furniture needs a perfect combination with the home. Rules not too difficult to follow, but to which we must pay attention not to have bad contrasts.

Choosing the right color of the furniture and the right shade of the walls we can give life to warm, welcoming and harmonious; on the contrary, our home may appear rough orderly and distracting.

To be able to better understand the matching of ideals tones, it is necessary to consider the effect that we want to give our spaces: accordingly, the best color selection is dictated exclusively by our aesthetic desires.

We are talking about a perfect emotional and functional union, so try to pay close attention to all of our recommendations.

Evaluate the most suitable color for different rooms is absolutely fundamental, because the shades lighter are suggested for places where they practice a lot of merger activity and effort; the darker shades should depict areas where the tasks performed are not overly strenuous.

Obviously, depending on each individual personal taste, you can create a mix of tones within your home with antique art deco sofa, obviously trying to adapt best to the rest of the furniture.

What you should know is that you have to make up the colors, without going out of tune: you must not associate nuance not harmonious with each other.

If the walls of your living room are dark, opt for bright furniture. What does it mean? If, for example, you have decided to paint a wall of red or burgundy, opt for furniture and sofas has a white or cream. By combining these solutions will have a wonderful way of generating optical contrast.

Another match of great success sees the focus of the dark furniture on a white background. For the richest personality and original, you can decide to be daring, playing with different shades.

For example, if you choose to paint your sand-colored walls, you could choose items of furniture orange or lilac. Or, you could match the green to blue, pink to white, yellow, brown and so on will not be disappointed by the result that surely will get.

In most cases, it is often difficult to choose the furniture that do not present classic colors such as white, brown, black or pale yellow.

However, it could be a winning idea and an alternative, given the fact that not everyone has ample creativity and desire to alter their spaces in a unique way.

This gives you the ability to create special environments and different from the usual: a different key can create many ideas of furniture, it is just up to you to choose the perfect combination.

You have to do is carefully choose carefully favorite colors, trying to figure out if you are working within a room or not.

If successful, you will give birth to absolutely pairings perfect, not only able to give your home a unique atmosphere, thrilling and playful, but also to satisfy all your personal tastes.