How to Match a Blouse with Yoke


The peplum is a delightful and feminine ruffles that enhances and makes many stylish clothing for men, giving volume to the blouse or top between the waist and hips. The peplum is also called, in the field of fashion, “peplum”. The peplum is, today, a very popular decoration in women’s fashion. Every show of respect, from that spring and summer up to winter, brings on the catwalk at least one item of clothing adorned by the peplum, or basco.

Based on Anyblouses, a blouse with peplum is a very feminine head, and perfect for those who, while not giving up the fashion, want to cover the hips a little ‘pronounced thanks to the softness of the peplum, instead emphasizing the waist. Why a blouse with yoke can be matched flawlessly and elegant way to a pair of cigarette pants that narrow ankles. In this way, in fact, the silhouette of the body will be appreciated in its hourglass shape, thanks to the movement created by the peplum from the waist down.

Another perfect match for a blouse with peplum is the one with a skirt model “pencil”. The skirt “pencil”, literally “pencil”, is a soft skirt on the sides which narrows on his knees, barely pausing before them or covering them. The pencil skirt is very elegant and feminine, and its sinuous shape can only be enhanced even more by the wide peplum blouse. This outfit, high heels, would be perfect for a formal occasion and refined.

Here’s one last idea to match a blouse with yoke. A good match can be the one with a large pencil skirt, bell. For a perfect outfit 50s style, you can wear a wide colorful skirt under her blouse, along with a thin little belt, tied at the waist, which will separate the high zone of the blouse from the more soft and fluttering of the peplum. A colorful long skirt, the little belt at the waist in glossy paint and a pair of colorful shoes from high heels can create, with blouse with yoke, a truly feminine retro look and very witty, to complete with an old-fashioned hat and a matching handbag with the skirt.