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How To Make The Patterns And Use Fashion To Enhance Self-Esteem | AspatrICias

How To Make The Patterns And Use Fashion To Enhance Self-Esteem | AspatrICias
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Because you do not need to be equal to the revised model to be beautiful!

When you looked in the mirror this morning, felt pretty? If you are in the same group of most women with whom we have been speaking, probably not. And this is a disappointing negative conclusion of our daily lives consulting sets in which we women of all kinds and styles, social classes and activities, silhouettes and ages, which have in common not only the question of what to wear and beautiful each one way, but the sad fact if you find ugly, of not liking their hair , from their mouths, your hips, your breasts, they have a standard absurdly beauty imposed by inaccessible fashion. This same fashion that we love so much, but it should never be used to thwart the freedom to be who you are.

As you’ve probably noticed, today let’s not give objective tips or talk about style trends, let’s talk about something that comes before, which makes the difference in time to parade around with any dress: improve self-esteem. Is this girl … that causes a woman to shine in any environment, you feel comfortable with the clothes you choose at the ball. And the people, Yes, believe that she should be made, forged, worked daily. And how to do it? Possibly, we’re being superficial in many aspects, but emphasises, our tips are derived from our experience in the market of fashion and to hear people-and are focused on it. Simple as that. We believe that every woman should hear this before choosing the clothes of the day – and actually practice, see?! Come on!

No. You do not need to be equal to the revised model to be beautiful. Please, who said that the standard imposed by industry – and, in most cases, reinforced by dozens of effects of light, shadow, makeup and photoshop-is the right one? By the way, that same standard? A tiny percentage of people in the world? There are low fat, curvy beauties “, with big noses, with thin lips, breasts of all kinds, with the hips of all sizes, with no belly, belly, with 19 or 70 years, with long hair or short, drains or vast. Understand this, please: diversity is always welcome. We love the beauty that is beyond conventional imposed by half a dozen.

Be you. You know what generates immediate frustration? Want to be who we’re not forget the soap opera actress, forget the neighbor, forget the friend from College, the co-worker, the girl of Instagram, the starry blogger. Be yourself! And that takes a lot of work, see?! Identify what you like about each one of them, but adapt to your reality, your day to day, to your wishes, your body.

Know who you are. identify what you most enjoy in your body, which are the points that make you more comfortable, and always try to value them. Yes. Focus their attention to what makes you more secure and happy. For example, you’re into your lap, reveal it with good necklines. You love your eyes, then the value with a nice makeup. Are your arms that you provoke pride, congratulations, let them. This is one of the secrets of beauty.

Know what you need. How is your day to day? Do you have a formal job or acts as aerobics teacher? You will work directly to College? Have kids? Often an after party night or go straight home? Think about your needs in time to get dressed and to buy clothes and accessories, after all, nothing good is a closet full of random parts if you spend most of the day in a formal Office, nothing heels if your life calls for comfort and practicality. Have a closet that meets your needs is an excellent support to feel more beautiful.

Let laziness aside. A balanced diet and physical exercises are good for everything – and not just to lose weight. Serious: losing weight isn’t even the issue here. The question is whether to be happier. And nothing better to start from the inside out. It does very well. Forget Monday. Start now!

Work out the details. A haircut, a lipstick, a different glaze color, well moisturized skin. Little care that make a big difference. And you don’t have to spend a fortune, not, after all, there are alternatives to suit all budgets. Take care, woman!

Love! Her curves. Your straight. Your scars. Their lines. Their droppings. Its peculiarities. Love what makes you. Nice to your way.

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