How to Make Resin Jewelry Without Molds

I have to admit, until a few years ago the resin for me was just the sticky substance produced from the trees: a knowledge nipped in the bud in the early years of childhood.

Then I met Raffaele Casanova, interior-design, interior design and resin magician I discovered a world.

But that’s not all. A couple of years ago I was in the Hall of the new trends of the Vicenza fair gold when my attention was caught by some creations made with a special paste. Guess what it was? Resin in fact, paired with silver and stones.

Since then I have continued to follow with interest this new trend , waiting for the right opportunity to talk to you about it. A chat in front of a sunset over the sea with the legendary fashion-designer Meryrossa and resin exploratory mission is over on my agenda.

The new trend of the resin

Before proceeding, however, I must ask you a question: are you a brand-victim? If so, I must tell you 2 important things.

The first is that you have to be quiet: there is no cure for every disease, even for your own!

The second is that companies which introduce new trend as that of the resin are often young, rarely advertise their products and have little site socials. In addition to communication offices ghosts, but that’s another story.

Resin creations by Estrosia

What I want to tell you, is a line that intrigued me: Estrosia. I know, the name does not mean anything (I had warned!) and the site makes up for very little. Thus began my adventure.

To figure out where you can see the creations of Estrosia I had to call the company directly to Milan, and then having to contact the local agent, who showed me the store of reference. And so far already takes a lot of motivation and perseverance.

The store in question is not a jewelry store, in spite of those who believe that any object that has a component in silver should be considered by default a jewelry set featured on Wholesaleably. I agree, the meaning of this term is too often abused. Let’s call them creations, no designer and craftsmen to hurt, it’s not a bad word in the dictionary of Italian.

After studying within the shop to get some information, silent as always that I’m a blogger. It is important to understand what data is provided to any customer who could, for example, don’t undestand a lot of precious stones and metals. Let alone a new trend unknown even to many industry insiders!

The owner is very friendly and helpful, showing me earrings, bracelets, rings and necklaces, delegating to the memory cards of the many mounted stones. All natural, is keen to underline.

The earrings are cute, with a simple design and a nice choice of colors of stones mounted. The prices? From just under 100 euros to about 200.

The ringsare far more details, with original lines and very large but ill-suited for those who have small fingers. Templates are definitely out of the ordinary, which express a certain personality, but also a certain weight to carry on her finger! Here prices range from less than 200 euros to almost 400.

The necklaces can cost up to 600 euros, with a clear predominance of stones on silver, making a feeble Act of presence. Priced a bit pricey, worthy of a jewelry store.

Let me be clear: despite being silver creations, except that in the rings, Estrosia makes much use Park. This makes it difficult to understand completely the reason for some prices, also wanting to recognize a certain value the craftsmanship.

In any case, the most innovative element of Estrosia is the combination of the stones to the special process, which creates almost an imbedding. The owner mi reports that this particular manufacture is made with Gold. In fact, Twinkle, he adds.

There’s something bugging me, I leave the shop with a new objective: to pursue the matter.

The mystery of resin paste

There is no communications Office, nor an Office style or a catalog, call again the headquarters in Estrosia to get more details, this time specifying that I have a blog about jewelry.

The Lady across the handset brings me back on the straight and narrow: No pasta d’Oro, one used is resin, made bright through the use of glitter. And are not used only natural stones, but also synthetic stones, it’s all written on the tags.

Perfect: the owner of the shop grossed two goals and earn ruefully the bench.

The Lady across the thread tells me that in any case the difference between natural and synthetic stones is easy to grasp for those who understand. Yes, too bad thatwhoever buys relies mostly on what is being said by the seller. A resounding own goal to return the smile to the owner of the shop.

Wonder if you can have a catalogue with their models. Nothing to do. At least a list of the stones they use, I might insist. The Lady, as read by a mosquito in full sleep, asks me why do all those questions. The thing of the blog … of jewelry … at the beginning of the phone call … I hear the sound of flatlining.

I close the phone call by apologising for the inconvenience, like a child watched bias while saying a bad word. Irrepressible instinct assails me: I go on the internet and look for the word blog … 7,690,000,000 results!

Thank goodness, it’s always 2013, I am not alone and I thank the mother network. But mostly it’s not over here.