How to Make any Handset Compatible with Your IPhone

Damn Apple and his inventions which then make everything else loses meaning.

Thus I feel whenever I use headphones and looking almost autonomous way the keypad for the song and I find that these helmets do not incorporate them. Unfortunately, and after more than 1 year and 6 months using the Apple In-Ear (and many others) using the old iPhone It’s no longer sense any handset with which cannot be controlled device that I use at the time.

The invention seems silly but with the passage of time, you start to get used to that tiny piece of plastic to save you a lot of time having to make the Pocket, pouch iPhone, unlock it … you know that I speak.

Worst of all is that the ready Apple have included this jack in all their accessories and a person who lives constantly wearing headphones in your ears, like me, ends up using this option even with the Mac, laptop or iPad.

But … to what is all this? Easy, what happens when you want to change your Apple headphones for another brand? Electronicsmatter discovers that there are headphones that include all functions and a keypad as well designed as the Apple.

So the options when buying a new pair of headphones are reduced considerably, to the point that I’ve been almost 6 months looking ones for my without getting anything to my liking … ” and seemed silly & #8220;.

Tired of looking for something that adapts to my needs leave abandoned the theme until I found something that fully solves all problems by pure chance. I’m talking about a product called Belkin Headphone Adapter.


The accessory is something as simple as 5 cm of cable with a female/male jack and a button in the middle. Something as dumb as that 5 cm of cable return all the comfort no matter which handset we use.