How to Make a Decorative Wall Panel

If you have a wall at home, you do not want to use for shelves or cabinets, but rather you wish to insert art – element see how you can make your own decorative wall hanging. If you position it in the hall, it will not only diversify the situation, but will inevitably attract the attention of your guests as soon as they cross the threshold of the house. View this article for wall clock choosing tips.

For the production you need:

  1. Primer;
  2. Plastered;
  3. Fiber;
  4. Gun with hot silicone;
  5. Dry granular material (here used dry soy product);
  6. Ropes of varying thickness;
  7. Paint your desired color;
  8. Water-based varnish;
  9. Fantasy.

How to make a wall hanging:

  1. Sketch panel first on the list, and then – on the wall itself to decide the location of decorative figures and to adjust the position of the furniture around the panel.
  2. Prime wall.
  3. Prepare figures who want to invest in the panel, and cut them out of fiber.
  4. Start deal coat uneven layers, as while it is still wet, embed it cut figures and other reliefs shape with your fingers or device at your discretion.
  5. Attach other relief items (ropes and granular material).
  6. To obtain an optical depth of the relief, paint the entire panel in a dark color.
  7. After drying the first layer of paint, start carefully swabbed the projection of relief with contrasting bright paint.
  8. To finish, paint the panel. You can color paint water based dye to latex. The idea of ​​coloring to soften colors and add an extra shade.
  9. Use your imagination to embed in the panel wall mirror. If it needs a frame, you can make it in the usual way of fiber, plaster and rope decorations.