How to Hide Pregnancy Belly?

Pregnant women in winter were very lucky: they can easily hide their curves debut under coats and thick sweaters. In summer, in the heat, it’s more difficult. We help you! Our selection of clothes to wear when it’s hot to get here incognito pregnancy.

“Only on the sand, staring into the water … I looked like a whale …” You know this song? No? Obviously, we have (some) made ​​changes. But it was to convey a message of utmost importance: the summer, despite the heat, it can be:

1) pregnant

2) well lookée

3) does not show too (that is pregnant, of course, no one is lookée … otherwise no interest)

Sure, the first held that comes to mind is the famous alliance “legging + tunic-so-wide-we-don’t-see-or-your-chest-or-your-belly-lev- nothing at all “. But despite its qualities (undeniable) of comfort, it is not this outfit that we have chosen. No, we wanted to introduce you to other outfits:

– Combinations and overalls: the good idea to be comfortable, fashionable, and conceal his small can. The bonus? Or sneakers with heels, the combi is worn day and night.

– Some pretty dresses (without leggings underneath, that’s even better): long, short, denim, with flowers … The dress, even pregnant, the female garment par excellence. And you do not have to buy the pregnancy rays few sizes above yours and it works!

– Surprises: the pants boyfriend to the tutu skirt, it’s not because you are during pregnancy you need to put your style on break. Rather, it is time to pose!