How to Have Perfect Nails

We hear this all the time: the hands are our business card, are always in plain sight and that’s why it’s important to care for it. Have a perfect manicure may require commitment, but often just a few tips to get good results in a short time. From what to start? Bad habits. Many times, without knowing it, we make small everyday actions that ruin our nails, weaken and make them more fragile. Just figure out where is wrong so you do not commit the same mistakes.

Take pen and paper and mark the 5 mistakes to avoid if you want to have healthy and beautiful nails.

1st mistake: continuously apply the colored enamel

We love the glazes and especially in summer we like to try new colors, but apply them continually on your nails without leaving never to breathe is a serious mistake. The pigments contained in glazes can be harmful for nails and, in the long run, can ingiallirle. See for how to do Ombre nails. Let it breathe at least a few hours your nails before making a new application.

2nd mistake: nail biting

It may seem trivial, but it is better to remember him: nail biting hurts. It is not just a cosmetic issue, saliva weakens the nails and makes them more brittle and weak nails so they tend to break more easily.

3rd error: smoking

The smoke, as we well know, is bad for health, but there is another good reason to quit smoking right away: it also damages our nails. Nicotine, in fact, scrub and nail tends to ingiallirle.

4th mistake: follow a low dietary calcium and protein

A diet low in calcium and protein can cause flaking of nails. Foods rich in calcium and protein such as meat, milk, eggs and cheese are good for brittle nails and are ideal to nourish and fortify them. It ‘good to take this into account when we start a diet.

5th mistake: do not wash their hands after using creams and lotions

Certain beauty products that we use for the care of the face or the body may contain ingredients that stain the nails and it is for this reason that it is important to wash your hands well after applying creams and lotions.