How to Dress up Faux Leather Leggings

Last year, the trend of leather get into this, the second breathing. If earlier skin jackets, sweaters, jackets, today it is made even leggings! Leather leggings tightly to leg, emphasizing feminine curves and create the effect of a second skin. Some consider them riding, and some, on the contrary, complement your wardrobe, many losinami effect on the skin. Demi Moore, Emilyleggings, Alexa Chang and Kate Moss have already managed to try a stylish modern way with leggings. Why not try we?

Leggings under Ballet Shoes- a Variety of Models

If you see a range of fashion brands, you may wonder how leather leggings can be different! Here you will find products with effect of matte, lacquered or less zatertoy skin, and additional inserts in the form of zippers and buttons make leggings even brighter and extravagant. Very interesting look products with effect of snakeskin. This unusual “flaky” texture is obtained by laser spraying.

More discreet and elegant look fake models with external pockets and a belt. From their pants is characterized by lack of zippers, snap buttons. Leggings, behaved body, on account of the stronger processing by a figure and does not need additional tab.

What do You Wear Leggings Effect Second Skin?

With leggings leather you can create several successful kits that will highlight your personality and unique style:

  • Charming kit. If you want a little to smooth out rough and suffering style leather just dopolnite them elongated tunikoy or mohair jumper. Two contrasting materials balance and complement each other, and clothing as a whole will look very cozy. Appropriate shoes – loafers or ankle boots.
  • Exquisite ensemble. To combine leather trousers air chiffon jackets. Absolutely different invoices (light cloth and dense “leather”) complement each other and seem erotic and arrogant. This suit is better to combine with classic the shuttles or sandals.
  • Occasional casual style. Use leggings effect of matte leather in combination with coarse shoes in grunge style and favorite shabby. Under the jacket can be placed on a plaid shirt or T-shirt.

Picking set leggings under the skin, we should try to outerwear covered buttocks. So the image will be less vulgar.