How to Decorate Your Home Country Style

In recent years, the rural living through a real advance. The use of natural colors combined with weathered and pure materials is a real trend. In 2016 this trend continued. Country living is stylish, attractive and well combined with different lifestyles. If you choose modern or rural areas still go for classic country?

To live like no life

A rural interior is characterized by the use of experienced materials and natural colors. The countryside can live in a farm, but in a house makes this type of organization to his right. As with many things is also necessary to choose a residential-style planning. Form a clear picture of the atmosphere you have in mind and do not forget to choose the atmosphere in which you feel comfortable with yourself good. Dare to combine and customize your own combinations. Form your own dream decor and live like no life. To learn wall sticker decoration tips, visit technology-wiki.

Rural living; Should I choose?

Often choosing the right colors and materials a big dilemma and you will soon see the trees for the forest anymore. Fortunately know the countryside live a clearly recognizable style, right? After a little browsing in stores and on the internet, you can still quickly find some variations and rural living more and more combined with different living styles from modern classical, but also combinations of vintage things that we see more and more. Eventually, of course, you do not choose, and you decide what you want to combine and what is not right. Will you, make your own living style well do it throughout the house. This increases efficiency and gives a softer image.

Start with the basics

What is the basis? The foundation of your organization are the colors chosen for walls and floors, and selected materials. A wooden floor has a completely different look than a linoleum floor, but the foundation of your decor is more than colors and materials. Also, shapes and structures play an important role. In the end, it all points in the general atmosphere picture. Remember the finish throughout the house; sockets, door and window fittings, moldings and so on. For a country feel is especially these factors are important to the overall look of your interior:

Crown moldings and baseboards

Country living? Start with the basics and get right to it. Placement and / or replacement of the moldings have a big impact on the look of the space. Besides being decorative frames fit well with a country style, they also work the often unsightly wall-ceiling joints nice way. The places you can have it done, but you are a good handyman can also help to get started. The price of the rails varies depending on the material and the selected model. Besides moldings, you can also finish the floor with beautiful moldings. Typical of a country interior is high plinth, the plinth is often finished with a milled edge. This edge has many variations and is available both inde stores and on the Internet. The quality can vary greatly inform well in wet areas is a base of better quality can be a better solution.

Doors and door fittings

Do you have a new home and want a rural atmosphere? Replace your simple doors, panel doors. Panel doors you can buy both new and others. The effects of the new doors is good to mention. The selection of out door furniture is important, widely used is 30 years, door fittings, especially tonne model is widely used. It is often worth it, but underestimated the cost of replacing the doors and door hardware are not, which can add up quickly. In addition, available both in stores and online stores, traditional and rustic door hardware.

Carpet, wood or stone anyway?

Typical of a country style is the use of natural materials and bright colors. Wood is a beautiful natural product and has a calming effect on us. The floor is in a rustic décor of wood or natural stone. You can choose a laminate with a wood decor, but for the real rural impact is a solid wood floor is often the most beautiful. Obviously, your budget also recognize. A compromise is still there, this is the so-called parquet. This parquet is often slightly less expensive than a solid wood floor, but looks almost the same. Parquet flooring is fitted with a solid wood top layer that gives the appearance of a solid wood floor. If you choose a natural stone floor when the issue too. There is a big difference in the quality of the floor and, in particular, resistance to chemicals. A limestone, for example, is very sensitive to acids. This stone can not be cleaned with lime cleaner, it will affect the gem is often irreversible! Things to consider when you include natural stone in the bathroom seats and/or water around you too hard.

Create a nationwide interior

Setting a rustic decor of course you can do it yourself which you like best. The big advantage of a nationwide interior is that you can go and both modern and traditional housing elements go well together from many quarters. Of course, this also has its limitations and can also be quickly cluttered eyes when there are too many living styles combined. But the country’s interior certainly does not just modern or just traditional housing elements.

Colors in a rustic decor

Which color you choose is obviously very personal. But because of the country natural colors often combined with shades of white. Colors are used widely in a country style are earth tones and often have an aging appearance. The primary and secondary colors, we see hardly in a rustic decor. The colors used much in a country-style furnishings are tertiary colors.

Country lighting

Lighting is often difficult to choose, but very important. Lighting, we need to see well in the dark, but that’s not all. In a country style we want for cozy and the lighting will be the atmosphere. A lamp can give a big impact on your decor and atmosphere is very crucial, so think about it. In a country style is often chosen for lamps made of natural materials. Materials suitable for a rural interior are made of different kinds of metal, wood and fabric upholstery. Known metal lamps of the last century. Metal factory lamps are widely offered and soon giving a rural and industrial look. Do you want a more classic look, opt for lamps created a kind of metal finished in the color of antique silver. Country living means many frequently use substances caps, chandeliers and spotlights to illuminate the cozy corners. Of course, the lights are fun, but remember that sometimes lights must be functional. A good method is to always choose between functional or ambient lighting in advance to make a lighting plan. A lighting plan will prevent you did not have the right home lighting. Make your main lighting dimmable this prevents you’re stuck with a certain brightness. A dimmer allows you to install on an existing switch and is therefore adapted to the connected points of light in light intensity.