How to Decorate the Walls With Chalkboard Paint

If you’re creative people surely the idea of decorating at least one wall of the house with the chalkboard paint  will tickle your fancy.

A chalkboard wall, in addition to being particularly modern, yet elegant, is constantly changing: you can write, draw and erase, and then start all over again, you can give free rein to the imagination using many colors, perhaps making fun children, but you can also, with the only the white chalk, collect ideas appuntandosi appointments and things to buy.

Let us see here for wall clocks 2016 in what room of the house could get better.

1) The wall chalkboard in the nursery

What could be better for a child to know that you have a corner of the house where you can really do anything he wants: color, draw and write, giving free rein to the imagination.

Many can be the alternatives: a complete wall, only a part of the wall, maybe enclosed by a frame to an easily accessible height, or even can be painted with the mobile integers blackboard wall to write on what they contain inside.

2) The wall blackboard in the kitchen

The whiteboard in the kitchen wall is the current fashion: the original and functional at the same time.

You can simply use as a decorative element, but you can also give her a function: you can write a whole recipe, the shopping list or write down times of all appointments.

Again you can paint an entire wall, only a part, small parts or even paint the panels to be framed like paintings and hang on the wall where you want them.

3) The slate wall in the bedroom

Perhaps it is less usual, but also less obvious why the use of decorations in chalkboard paint in the bedroom.

Of course, we must be lovers of color, a lot of ones own intense as is the black, but certainly the effect of the chalkboard wall has her why and makes it particularly fascinating and atmospheric super chic any bedroom .

4) The slate wall in the study

Ingenious use of the blackboard walls in the study: as usual a decorative wall, but also functional: in this room more than ever.

Storage fans and more organized can create real calendars type these.

Mica will want to have calendars that all?

A real calendar hanging on the wall, always available and very instant!

Of course, nothing prevents you to enter the decorated walls with chalkboard paint in other rooms of the house: in the bathroom and in the room can certainly have their researched and particular effect.

Some advice:

You can make decorating your wall from an “insider”, but you can also try your hand alone.

If it were so, remember that:

1) if you use the paint you’ll need to take a good quality and really give many hands before you considered satisfied. Sure, a little ‘hard work, but the result is guaranteed.

2) do not stop the idea of the blackboard, know that there are also colored and even white. The paints are not very easy to find, but with a painstaking research are unable to buy them.

3) if you are not convinced, if you are afraid that the wall whiteboard you can braise know that there are also sheets painted to be pasted on the wall and easily removable, you change your mind.

In short, the way there: the wall blackboard could be included among the future work to be done back from vacation.

You’re already thinking about?