How to Decorate the Living Room

The Provencal style is all the rage in the Italian house, as they are an increasing number of people who wish to give their atmosphere enveloping environments, characterized by the scents and the typical colors of Provence.

Each piece of furniture is intended to embellish all domestic environments, making them particularly valuable from an aesthetic point of view thanks to the important finishing touches.

Furnish a stay in Provence style is to change the room and make it quiet, away from anything that can remind the society we live in the hustle and bustle.

Each color characteristic of southern France will be well reproduced, trying to remember and represent some old houses.

This particular style depicts a precise conjunction with that country with lounge wallpaper decorating ideas, seen that also in this case arises all the attention in respect of simplicity without sacrificing delicate elegance.

As for the country style, reminiscent of country landscapes or still rustic places, even for the Provençal we have a similar theme, given the fact that in this case we turn to the countryside from Provence.

All colors of those places will be replicated perfectly between our homes.

Choose the ‘ Provençal furniture for your living room is an interesting idea and fascinating: all guests can not resist the evocative atmosphere that your environment will give.

Furnish a stay following this particular and refined style is not difficult, just follow the right advice.

When we talk of Provençal living, it refers to the most convivial room of the entire house.

In most cases this is where all the guests congregate and every piece of furniture has to be studied in detail: a way as any to be able to give the place a family atmosphere.

As for the colors, we focus our attention on pastel colors, such as lilac, green and light blue.

These particularly delicate tones are paired brighter colors, but that recall in some way nature: they are welcome so yellow and red, in perfect contrast with the wood.

Those who want to use the wallpaper, must choose pastel colors and Provencal designs; as it regards the floor, green light to light parquet or ceramic tiles decorated.

As for the furniture, the characteristic element is almost always the timber, maintained in the raw state; However, for those who wish, they are also shown in wrought iron and white lacquered.

Among the accessories most characteristic of the Provencal style can not miss the beliefs, a glass wall and small windows.

If your home is large, you can put cupboard, glass cupboard and showcase next to each other; if not placing enough space, choose only one of these elements, perhaps worked in pickled.

Sofas and armchairs will have to be strictly in the skin, with the addition of cushions in the flowers.

To make your stay even more complete, you should add pitchers, typical paintings of Provence, plates decorated in ornamental ceramics and uniform lighting systems: in this way the whole room can enjoy a’ quiet and relaxing atmosphere.