How to Decorate the Home With Comfortable Seating

POOF! It ‘s the sound that emits when POUF sit either responding to his invitation springs. And so the French have christened the historic session. 

In fact the origin of the ottoman is the Middle East and Maghreb, a kind of leather cushion on which to sit comfortably stay close to the floor and conviviare with guests.In the nineteenth century arriving in the West.

The poufs are everywhere, contemporary, or traditional Moroccan-inspired décor, can be declined to any taste and trend. Round, square or pear are a source of constant study and innovation to designers and DIY enthusiasts.

beautiful objects, movable and very functional, used as seats, footrests, tables or dog kennels, are inevitable elements in the living room of each apartment.

Puff daddy

The ottoman knitted. Who is good in the art of sferruzzo, here  will find excellent directions to create comfortable and warm impressive ottoman and especially adaptable to any furnishing style. See Remzfamily for wall sticker user guides.

Drum floor pouf

A beautiful mess proposes a tutorial to build an easily removable to replace seat according to the requirements and wear and filling. A cylinder-drum, black & white, hard but very comfortable same time.

Ikea floor mat customized

If the seats are always few and Ikea mats can be bought without a reason, Retropolitan responds and creates some great sessions a parallelepiped with a few tricks upholsterer and a very much sustainable budget.

Pouf tire and rope

Saved the lives of an old abandoned tire! As well as to do a good deed for the planet, as the car tires are among the most toxic waste, creative reuse allows to get a nice seat, comfortable and durable. Here.

Pretty Pouf

With the cloth, old towels and a little ‘tailoring DIY, here’s geometric pouf on  how to sew a pouf, an excellent tutorial shows.

A bench and a cushion

The creator of this project listened to the song “The Hardest Button Button” of the White Stripes and the inspiration came. It achieved a chester style cushion for the bench of his room music and explains how to do it here .

Desktop pouf

The restyling of an old rustic table and a few ‘bad brings new life to the living and the pouf becomes shabby chic.

Land of Nod

Allegrissimi pouf of living with punks , round, summer and very playful. The wheels that roll amuse young and old.

Rollie Pollie

Pouf ball, comfortable and calciabili. On Made  how to build them.