How to Create a Make-Up Style Vintage


Many times we go by our esthetician to take us on a particular make-up and in some cases we spend large sums. Or we can try to run a make up with our own hands, using the instructions in the guide. In the following steps, in particular, we will see how to do to be able to make a make-up in vintage style.


Make sure you have on hand:

face primer

Foundation ivory

illuminating concealer

Loose light-colored powder

eye pencils: white, brown and black

Black eye liner

Mascara black

Eyes hadows: white or ivory; beige or light brown

lipstick “nude” or red

Blush peach

To start we spread a light layer of foundation with a latex sponge and then sfumiamolo well with your fingers. Well we hide with concealer dark circles and imperfections such as pimples, redness or skin spots. To complete the base of the makeup we apply the powder with a large brush to fix everything.

 For a diva eyes make-up of the past we need a white pencil, a brown and a black, a white eye shadow or ivory, beige or brown clear eye shadow, black eyeliner and black mascara lengthening and volumizing. We begin by applying the white pencil on the entire upper eyelid and sfumiamola well with your fingers to create the base eye shadow. Now with a sponge brush to apply eye shadow on the eyelid white or ivory. In the crease between the eyelid and fixed, we mark a line with a brown pencil and then apply it over the eye shadow beige or light brown. Sfumiamo good eye shadow along the entire eyelid crease with a tint brush in soft bristles. In this way we will create a typical chiaroscuro effect of make-up in vintage style.

 The protagonist of this makeup is the eye black liner, which we will use to create a fine line and defined in the upper eyelid, following the hairline of lashes. In the outer part of the eye we draw a kind of comma raising upwards the eye liner line. In the lower lid we apply a thin line of black pencil, starting from the outermost part eye and following the hairline of the lashes until the middle eye. To complete the make up of the eye define your eyebrows with a pencil in their natural color and apply a little white eye shadow under the brow to create a point light.

 Lip we choose the color according to the occasion and at the time of the day: for a make-up wearing vintage day we choose a neutral and natural color; in which case it will be perfect lipstick “nude” in the old rose or beige tones. The last step for a perfect make-up in retro style is the blush: the cheeks must have a warm, natural glow.

 At this point we are finally ready to realize this particular make-up with our own hands. If we are not familiar with the world of make-up we can find some difficulties with the realization of this trick, but with a little patience and be able to execute it to perfection. Now we just have to buy everything you need to immediately try to make a beautiful make-up vintage style mentioned on Vintagesfinder.


Never forget:

For a special evening you should also use false eyelashes.