How to Choose Towels for Bathroom?

What towel for your bathroom according to your budget? We help you choose from the best models from 150 to more than 600 euros.

A Towel Within 150 euros

At this price, you buy for your bathroom in a DIY store, a towel white scale, round tube, attached to the wall by four “nails” inserted between the bars. There is usually an unbranded product and sometimes certified NF Electricity: in this case, electrical safety is assured (but not device performance). It only has a start/stop button or a button forced march (delayed), and a thermostat. No possibility to program operation according to your habits (to save money). The other weak point is the quality of the finish, which is often inadequate and does not always resists time and humidity.

A Towel From 150 to 300 euros

In this price range, the big brands enter the fray (Acova, Atlantic, FINIMETAL, Jump …) in large surfaces yourself but also for specialists (Brossette Cedeo, Domotelec, Soluseo …). Round tubes are bent for better aesthetics, but there are also flat tube models more efficient to heat/drying towels with a larger exchange surface. Other finishes are available including chrome, but at this price, mistrust and standard applied in respect of the environment, this finish is expensive, normally … Side regulation, without exception, not program the operation of the apparatus.

A 300 to 600 euros Towel

At this level of range, proposals, if they remain classics are much more worked. The finishes are increasing and the efficiency of appliances has improved asymmetric towel to simplify installation towels, mixed version electricity/hot water heater for operation in mid-season, possible programming based on lifestyle, infrared wall thermostat more accessible and easier to use, together with a fan heater for rapid heat, technology to ensure drying towels, including when they are piled on the device.

A Towel over 600 euros

We enter the high-end with, below 1000 euros, models that emphasize comfort either with asymmetrical flat tubes and/or the ability to rotate the radiator for easy installation towels or design with square tubes, perforated panels or with a towel bar. Beyond 1000 euros, other materials are available (glass, stainless steel, etc.), while the point of view of form, everything is possible: radiator shelf totem radiator … But focusing on the design these models sometimes neglect one or the other of the three functions of the towel: heat the bathroom, warm towels and dry.

Selection Criteria for a Towel

The CE marking is not a guarantee of quality: it indicates that the product meets the electrical safety standards is on good faith from the manufacturer without control. The NF, it is a manufacturer voluntary, indicating that an independent laboratory has tested the product line: the NF Electricity is committed to safety, while NF Electricity Performance guarantees, in addition, the effectiveness of the control system, so the control of electricity consumption.

When the pilot wire is connected to a central programming or other device with a timer, the towel can be remotely controlled. Mixed radiators combine electric heating and hot water heating for comfort in all seasons. A device covered with towel heater wrong because, to avoid overheating, a safety shutdown occurs when the tubes rise in temperature, cut that can last several tens of minutes. Hence the importance of technologies limiting this disadvantage, particularly in family bathrooms. Public Price VAT (19.6%) of an electric towel of 500 W. For the same model, the price increases with power. When the heater is purchased and installed by a professional, a VAT rate of 7% applies.