How to Choose the Right LED Bulb

We bulb has served more than 140 years. During that time there was a big rozvoji bulbs and we have to choose from a wide lamps that differ in size, intensity, intensity, energy, shape, color and other properties. Choosing the right bulbs is not easy. For a good selection you can provide savings of up to several thousand crowns per year. Do you know how to choose the right bulb? They improved halogen bulbs or LED bulbs? How do you cope?

How to Choose the Right LED Bulb


Energy saving light bulbs Price saving light bulbs is completely different. It is for several reasons – the brand, the possibility of switching on the lamp performance. The selection is not derived by price, but depending on where you want to put a light bulb. Where you need more light and where there is frequent switching repeatedly during the day. These cheap energy saving bulbs usually are not designed for frequent switching on and off. If you made ​​it, probably not last long. Performance of energy-saving bulbs is usually ¼ of the original. This may mean that the ordinary 75W incandescent lamp has an output of 15W at economical version.


What color E27 LED light bulbs?
And at LEDbulbbay, there is a wide selection from the sky white, over white, warm white, internal or natura. Skala is a total of around the 11th is most desirable warm white color that is in our geographical conditions suitable for the lighting of rest areas – living room, dining table and the like, day white fits where it is needed to stimulate human activity, ie offices, workrooms over desks, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, cloakroom, workshop, garage and so on. Your selection here affects and personal taste and what kind of atmosphere we want to achieve. Influence also have customs and geography of the country. While the north is chosen rather warm tones, to the south for a change rather cooler tones of white.


Dimensions saving bulbs
Especially the cheaper energy-saving bulbs are much larger than the more expensive, which may cause a problem because they do not fit luminaires. Despite this precaution, you should know the size of the fixture.
Possibility to regulate light bulbs dimming from 15 -100% increases living comfort is necessary, however, to determine whether cooperate with dimmer bulbs, so dimming been smooth.


How to choose LED bulb
LED bulbs have a long service life of 40,000 hours, low failure rate, minimum energy consumption and the possibility of frequent switching to energy-saving light bulbs versus no effect on their lifespan. LED bulbs have no effect starter, as is the case with lamps and energy saving lamps. It is also very important that it is not heated, and to have high luminance. LED bulbs to have a long life and luminosity should be good. Quality manufacturers who are certificates, for example, Philips, Osram, Epistar, Cree and Nichia. When choosing LED light bulbs it is important to look at the performance, which represents the amount of energy consumed transformed into light. The lower the efficiency, the more the LED chip is heated, and thus has less durability. The number of LEDs may not be representative of the overall luminance light bulbs that rather reflects the type of chip, search the data about the total flux, which is abbreviated “lm”. Also, even LED bulbs you can choose from several color options lighting. For LEDs are also options in the choice of angle lighting, light bulbs so you can choose and by that property.LED bulbs are more recently for its properties in our country increasingly popular. Its price continues to decline.


How to choose the right halogen bulbs
Halogen bulbs are actually already an anachronism that displace LED bulbs. Not even fulfill the original low energy needs and the standards. On the market, although two types of economical halogen lamps, the savings are still quite low, around 25%. It is the plan, their complete elimination by 2016. Until then, there will produce bulbs, but no longer lights with sleeve for them. Improved halogen capsules are placed in a glass flask and is shaped incandescent lamps containing metal fibers and a classical sleeve. These will be further improved in the future will no longer fall into energy class C, but in B and A.


How CFLs
Fluorescent tube operates on quite complicated system , when it is necessary to perform discharge, in order to react with electrons and receiving energy. It’s not a simple process and to a number of factors, one of which would be neither of them did not cheat. Inexpensive bulb but this makes, which negatively affects the quality of its service life and luminosity. At power quality fluorescent not immediately jump, but only with a delay of 0.5 -1 seconds, when the fibers are heated in the fluorescent tube. Then begins to glow faintly for 30 seconds – one minute and not until then will turn on full power. So if you want the lamp lasted a long time, it should have these qualities. Cheaper lamps often have reduced efficacy lightening, reduced luminous flux and often much higher content of toxic mercury.


General advice when choosing bulbs
As with other appliances here follow the label. Searching of such bulbs, which have the highest efficiency class. The label next to it you’ll find light output in lumens, energy consumption in watts and the average lifetime.


Compared to incandescent lamps, the price high contrast, but their lifespan was minimal and their energy was unacceptably high. There was an initial investment that is profitable for their long life and high energy efficiency.
The cheapest halogen lamps, followed by light bulbs, fluorescent tubes and then the most expensive, but they are top quality LED bulbs. Energy saving light bulb can buy around 100 crowns, LED light bulb costs around 800th