How to Choose The Right Fishing Lure

Choose the best for a Carnivorous Freshwater Fishing: Pike, Pike Perch, Catfish, Black Bass, or perch.

What lure and lure color to choose?

In your choice of the best special lure for a carnivorous freshwater, fish you can guide your research based on different parameters met at the water’s edge.

First of all, you should know that there is not a special fishing lure for freshwater predator, who would be the best of all, all season fishing lure. It is likely that a decoy designed to a predator of freshwater is better than another at a precise moment of fishing.

For example, if you target the Pike, the best special for pike fishing that would make you will depend on the color of the water (flooded River: the best color will be neon, clear waters pick a neutral color that presents natural tones). Consider also the swimming action of the lure chosen according to wealth in the same prey size on the box.

Keep in mind that the best special fishing lure for Pike would become unproductive if you animate it too fast in winter or conversely much too slowly when the warming of waters.

What is the best lure?

A model that can be considered the best lure fishing special for Zander will be that you animate to the ideal speed based on feeding activity of a predator when fishing.

You have the best special fishing lure for pike-perch managing to place it just her nose, even more if you notice an inactivity of the predator for your part of fishing on one of your favorite fresh water courses.

Fishing lure is not an exact science, which makes it doubly exciting to our sport, hoping that our advice will allow you to access this much desired artificial baits: the best lure, the most effective for your fishing lure.

Choose The Best Lure for the sea by Carnivorous Fish: Bar, Bonito, Porgy, Denti, Place, Mackerel,…

What lure you choose for fishing in the sea of the bar, mackerel, place,…?

Find the best specially designed for sea lure is not an easy task!

There are many models on the market to offer multiple swims, swimming depth, sound and colours, it is not less than the element most important rest well targeted predator!

At some point the jig (Jig and shore jigging) sea fishing pays very to locate and take your first bar place, Dentex, mackerel, horse mackerels and other carnivorous predatory marine fish, in the absence of hunting, that allows to explore vast areas of fishing lures at sea.

Compared to freshwater predators, carnivorous and predatory sea fish have a vividness and force tripled compared to the ratio of the size / weight of the freshwater species, it follows a much stronger weaponry on most of specially designed decoys to lure the most beautiful species it is possible to meet.

One of the basic principles to define that a decoy is really the best for fishing of a species and its ability to launch report / power of armaments which can sometimes present deficiencies in some brands of fishing lures.

What type of swimming (animation lure), choose the best!

Set also in your quest for the best lure water depth at which the predator fish evolves, an special lure Jig is a lure that must descend quickly and the straightest way possible to be operational quickly and especially swimming precisely especially for the sins above a well-marked wreck.

Think not too much, listen to your gut and give it a try just beneath your feet to see the lure swim before you begin your exploration: it only takes a few seconds and can optimize your fishing party to give you the best results and possible fishing conditions.