How to Choose Cheap Android Tablet

Tablets, there are today of all types and for all prices: Samsung, LG, Asus, HTC besides the Nexus range. But whatever your budget, all don’t you satisfaireront not necessarily! To choose your tablet, you must first know what kind of use you want her: only of reading, rather professional or well totally family… Here are all our tips before buying a Tablet!


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The price

Who says more expensive does not necessarily say it better… but a little anyway. To bring down the rates of these small jewels of technology, manufacturers must always make a drastic choice on the Tablet components. The key is to know. You won’t mind perhaps even, and knowing you can better adjust and not lose patience.

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The screen


Several display technologies exist, all are not equal. All screens will generally be readable inside, but all do not have the same quality of reading outdoors. Before you buy a Tablet, so a question: where will I use my Tablet? Depending on the answer, you will know what type of screen avoid or prefer.

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The resolution

The question now is: that you want to watch on your screen? If you want to watch movies or play games using graphics, you really pay attention to the resolution of the tablet of your choice as well as to its pixel density.

Currently, a ‘good’ tablet will offer a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. Below this, you will see really the difference, even on simple applications without extravagant graphics. Of course you will find any type of resolution, which some go up to 2560 x 1600 pixels, like the Nexus 10 or the Sony Xperia Z4 tablet reviewed by PAULDIGO.

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The size

What size tablet? There is no “standard” size, but most models range from 7, 8 or 10 inches. This choice is very important and really depends on the use that you want to have. The question will determine what you want your tablet.

If you want an alternative to the computer, perhaps choose a size of 10 inches more comfortable for reading and surfing. If you want to carry it around with you, so choose a smaller size. If you have the opportunity to test the tablets before you buy, try to use each time the keyboard. You will be able to assess the handling of the Tablet, if you feel comfortable enough to or not to be able to take notes and send an email.

Android and its versions

It is essential to focus on this question which may seem incidental to the neophytes. However, it is paramount. If your version is too old, the applications that you use will most likely not appropriate or even not compatible with your tablet. The latest version of Android is the Lollipop 5.1.1 version. In General, it is preferable to opt for the most recent version. Android KitKat 4.4 today is a minimum if you buy a new tablet.

Also choose manufacturers making a follow-up of their tablets through regular updates after their releases. Guests so the latest Android and patches for your bugs.

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The Google Play Store

On your tablet, you will use applications. If some manufacturers refer to the largest providers, Google Play Store, others prefer to create their own applications. This means that all apps will be not be available for your device, or may not be regularly updated.

This isn’t a drama if you devote your tablet to reading books for example, but’s it much more if you want to use a good text editor or a saver of battery for example. Fortunately, there are solutions to work around this problem.

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The processor

Select its processor is a difficult task. His name alone will not help you really know if it is suitable for the device that you have in mind. We recommend the quadri-core or octo-core processors, which will perform better and which will allow you to use your device in a more fluid way.

Nothing worse than a tablet which advance at idle or that freeze on specific applications or games. You can also watch the speed of the processor: 2.3 GHz are very reasonable. However, some less powerful Tablet may agree due to their good optimization software-hardware. This is particularly true of the LG G Pad 8.3

RAM and storage capacity

To work well, your tablet is going to need a memory RAM (RAM) powerful. More RAM, the more your device will be able to avoid the slowdowns or offsets. Try not to go below 2 GB under penalty to meet otherwise big inconvenience.

Internal memory, you can choose the smaller version (often 16 GB), especially if you have the ability to insert a microSD card, which will greatly facilitate life. Spend his time doing the sort to save space on the tablet can quickly become annoying.


It really is very important to know the weight of your tablet. Unlike a computer, you will need to wear your hands to use it. If the Tablet is too heavy, you will quickly realize very difficult maneuverability.

600 grams may seem light, but the reality will make you say the opposite. You carry your tablet with you often. Bet on a weight below 350 grams, if possible.

The camera

Even if your tablet will replace not a powerful camera, think about the photos you take with and accordingly choose the type of camera: photos friends indoors? Pictures on vacation? Do you get to share (email, social networks…)? Do you only have a front camera, allowing you to make calls?

The number of megapixels can help you know the best sensor, but be careful: If your photos are lourses, need you room to save them!

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The autonomy and the battery

If you want to use your Tablet outdoors, often self-reliance is an important point on which stop. On the data sheets, a figure indicating the autonomy is often specified. Be careful though because this figure is always somewhat inflated.

You can also rely on the capacity of your battery, expressed in mAh, or the experiences of users if your tablet is on the market for some time. Do not hesitate to consult our tests. Having a removable battery offers the possibility of a last resort in the event of bug: removal of the battery.


The added values of the tablets are played much on details such as the connection. Think about how you’re going to play movies(from a file? a connection to your computer? from the web?), how you want to transfer your ebooks, or if you want to connect other devices to your tablet to present holiday for example photos. The possibilities are wide, but this is really where the question of the use selected for the tablet.


It is one thing to buy a tablet at the best price. Find you even before your purchase on the problems already known by other users. If you know risks existing on the device of your choice, inquire the after-sales service. After all, you may never have no worries but he better not fall from the clouds if we announce that the VAS will last more than three months or worse, it doesn’t even exist! So beware of the tablets of Chinese brands often proposed ultra affordable in the supermarket.


If you hesitate between several models, the best solution is to go in-store take models in hand before making a final decision.Remember, too, that the best advice will come from those who already have this tablet:

You will find all the questions or reviews in our forum ! To read while doing the sort of course, we can’t generalize anyway.