House of Marley Destiny TTR in the Test

House of Marley stands for excellent quality and environmental friendliness. The name is a term long fans of reggae music. The test shows whether the new destiny TTR is a worthy headphones.

Who immediately thinks of reggae music and Bob Marley in “House of Marley”, is actually right. His widow Rita and six of his children holding all rights to his heritage and sell Musical accessories such as headphones and iPod docks, which should reflect the life of Marley’s. An important component in addition to the music: Sustainability. So, the headphones of House of Marley already boast a well-thought-out packaging, uses biologically safe packing material; even the clips that fasten the cable to the recycled cardboard, are from bast instead of plastic.

Also the destiny TTR consists largely of materials that will soothe the conscience: leather, aluminium and stainless steel. He calms also the ears, especially in noisy environments – via active Noise-Cancelling, powered by a pair of AAA batteries (of course rechargeable batteries are still sustainable). Because but without activated noise , anything goes, you should think about the spare batteries for long-haul flights.

The soft, leather-clad earcups allow longer wearing, what are the 40 mm drivers enough opportunity, the ear canal to bring earth-shattering vibes. The textile-covered, with a remote control and right-angle 3, 5mm-jack reasoned and gratifyingly long cable is evident in the housing of TTR switch and plug – instead of the handset, so only the cable comes off, if it should go to times something violent in the Groove.

Hearing test

Groove is the appropriate word for the Marley listener. The bass from Erykah Badus “the healer / promise” from the album “New AmErykah, PT. one” urging with immediate force and oceanic depth directly into the brain, the tester started as a direct consequence of contemplative and rhythmical to twitch. The TTR already plays on mobile devices very loudly, to high-quality headphone amps, he revealed an inclination towards a bearish, warm temperate sound without neglecting the overtone shares in its entirety. Fine dynamic lacked a little luminosity, but definitely grooves of Marley as barely a second noise canceller.