Hotmail Messages are Gone and Returned During the Weekend

The users of Hotmail went through hard times during the beginning of this year. It seems that established a kind of end of bloody week in servers Microsoft, with the right message disappearance email folders that allow the organization within the free service offered by MS. The problem has been solved, but many questions are still open.

It is not known yet what caused the problem to begin with. Several users have reported that their messages began to disappear from Hotmail folders, getting simply unavailable. The Microsoft acknowledged that there was a failure serious on your email system and reported on Sunday that the problem had been identified and was being resolved.

It was only on Monday (January 3rd) that the company led by Steve Ballmer gave as ending effort to bring all the messages back. Microsoft, however, has not yet manifested on the number of users who were affected by the problem. Also did not say what actually happened, giving more technical details of what caused the failure.

Instead of adopting a to Skype similar position when there was that VoIP blackout last December, Microsoft said only that the problem existed and it was solved. No information was given to more about it, which certainly puts into question the credibility of Hotmail. Why, how to trust a service that adds to your messages? The company claims it has the best security among e-mail services, but to what extent is this true?

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