Host 25 Petabytes Megaupload Costs $ 9000 Per Day

At least one company, besides himself Megaupload, is losing much money since the hosting service file was closed by the US federal police. The Carpathia Hosting, responsible for storing about 25 petabytes(!) Data for Megaupload, says it is difficult to afford the daily cost of keeping the files saved, although there is no prediction of what will happen with this plethora of data sent by users of the service.

Just over 1,100 servers Carpathia Hosting dedicated to serving and storing Megaupload files. An absurd amount and “blow up the head,” the responsible service. Keep these available data, even without the access of internet users, generates the estimated cost of $ 9000 per day with space in racks datacenter, connection and electricity that powers this arsenal files. Will roughly R $ 490,000 per month, a sum not exactly easy to ignore.

The whole problem is to lock the account of Megaupload’s assets in justice. They do not have to pay for hosting. Here is left for the hosting company to keep the saved files, another request of justice. They are in limbo without one of the parties to take responsibility for file maintenance cost.

Carpathia Hosting says that sought the FBI and copyright associations to see if any of them are willing to pay the bill. No one voted in favor. Megaupload says it has the desire to return the files but can not do it for offside FBI. The US federal police is concerned that the website owners enjoy to delete evidence against him.

One thing is certain: the evidence that may be contained in these 25 petabytes of data prevent the Carpathia delete files. And with that, you will paying this high value to answer a court decision that has not exactly to do with it.

The Carpathia came to court with an application no longer financially to the servers of Megaupload. Now it’s wait what the Virginia state court has to decide on the matter.