Hoodie: an Essential Part of Sportswear Style

Today, you just fall on an important article and both experimental because it will give you an introduction to the “casual” style while giving you the keys to create you own outfits to your personality.

First, what the sportswear fashion? To make a little history, this is a trend that has emerged following the Hip-Hop movement around 1970 and is dedicated to reproduce tackles rappers that youth identified themselves. It is nothing less than the greatest contribution in fashion in the United States and meets comfortable clothes to wear and to vary such as blouses, shorts and shirts. Very present in the parades, it has been associated erroneously the “streetwear”, this style proved to be more serious than chic sportswear that focuses more on the casual. No longer limited now to sport and to young audiences, the style we now deal in depth is seen modeled and used in different contexts and demonstrates good artistic freedom. You will have the opportunity to be original with the sportswear if you know how to do it.

And that is precisely the purpose of this article!

The Essential Parts of Sportswear Style

The sweater

Originally, the sweater was reserved exclusively for physical exertion. But he was so shaped, reshaped and re-created it can now be confined to a single appearance. Which is good because you can get creative.

The piece is now without hood and can be matched with a wide range of clothes and create a good diversity as with a blazer, a leather jacket, chinos or wool trousers, desert boots, a trench coat … his sports connotation will not lose so far and raise the famous shift that we like to remember. It is precisely by playing with codes that one takes pleasure to dress elegantly and personally.

  • Be especially respectful of morphologies: must the wife sweater although your shoulders, do not shake your armpits, and is located below the belt. Pay as much attention to the sleeves: a garment with sleeves too short or too long without the possibility of editing is just … a bad purchase.
  • Enjoy the patterns and colors: without this being obligatory, prefer simple printed which do not cover all the remaining clothes and colors around the beige, blue and gray. Feel free also where touches of green, red and pastel colors like taupe or pink, it will be very elegant.


English hood (hood, too ugly), the hoodie known to rise during the famous 1970s for two main reasons: its dark and mysterious connotation, allowing become anonymous and secret bearer, and usefulness of its protection cold. It was then adopted as well as a tendency that as of work wear and physical practice, hence its place in sportswear.

There are a wide variety of designs, know then that a hoodie a minimum close to the body is better: it is a sweater with hood and must marry your forms without mold you; it is necessary that your body structure is suggested.

For the hood, I recommend you ignore pointy ones that give you a look of wizard when you put it. For colors, blue, gray, brown, green and beige will be fine. Nothing prevents to take an orange hoodie, khaki, red, purple … as you correctly associate the colors of your outfit.