Home Decoration for the New Year

As well as Christmas decorations, decorations for New Year’s Eve parties also have tricks to hit every time. Here you’ll find important tips and pictures to inspire and build your own decoration for the New Year!

Normally, for occasions such as New Year’s Eve, the common is to resort to classic formulas not to run the risk of making mistakes. The decor using basic accessories for the table, mostly using shades of silver, white and gold. Type Martini glasses are elegant and can serve other types of drinks also.

A good sparkling wine is usually the better asked to the New Year gifts. If it is a genuine Champagne, even better! Enjoy the beautiful bottles to compose the environment decoration, which is very welcoming when you use dehydrated leaves, wheat and flowers like the Evergreen. See this article for vintage wall clocks.

In this image we also have a great idea to decorate your table for the new year’s Party – Offer the bubbly on ice buckets that are always very charming, along with water and scarves, a table of white towels (can be smooth or even income) and plants with white flowers.

Another important part is the table for the New Year’s Eve. Here are also served nuts and walnuts, with many plants and white flowers in the composition.

Look for lighting working their new year Decoration so that the environment is more homey and cozy – especially in your home or in a more intimate environment. Generally, for large parties or larger spaces, the trick is to divide the spaces and illuminate according to the characteristics of each location, but normally the table of drinks and food can be clearer, while tables and lounges must be lighting with a more intimate footprint.

Colors like Blue, Green and even Red can be well applied to your New Year’s Eve table and the environment in General. Should only be taken into account that usually white is the predominant color, and other colors (especially the warm and very vivid) must keep the details and does not detract from the purpose of the occasion.

The cutlery to the New Year’s Eve may vary in shapes and colors, but the best thing is to opt for simplicity; the infallible white, black and shades of gray, beyond the traditional silver are good. Themed Dinnerware should be carefully chosen not to overdo it and load the environment. Look for balance not to get too full of details and unfocused production.

The most common formula for success for the New Year’s Eve night is really double white and gold. It provides elegance and distinction to your table! See this example: the edges of the dish are golden, while the bottom of the dishwasher and the tablecloth is white. Here we have a fruit, in this case a pear, Golden painted to decorate the plate while waiting for dinner.

The typical colors of the decoration of the tables at Christmas are welcome in the New Year’s Eve dinner, but with some care. Remove some of the Christmas decorations if you’re leaving the atmosphere full of details-the New Year decoration tends to the sober and elegant. The red can continue on the scene, along with the candles and candelabra. But make sure that white is the basis of everything.

It is permissible to dare-since taken into account common sense. Use bright colors just on time for the New Year, the white really should be the basis of everything.

Just to make sure you don’t forget the charming ice buckets!

Bring the simplicity of some of the Christmas items for the New Year’s dinner table, which offer a special charm!

A few more examples for your inspiration!

If your Christmas decoration had white as a base, then the decoration was much easier! Just leave everything ready, add golden or blue items which will give your special touch.

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