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Good morning baby!!

This weekend, the House opened its doors to the press and, as an eternal crush on world decor, I couldn’t help but stop by and, of course, register everything for you.

For the post not to be too long and tiring, I’m not going to show all environments (also to keep the suspense!) and I will talk only about the details that most caught my attention and on trends tahat I saw there.

The event starts on Wednesday (30) and runs until 10 November day. The location will be the old Beach Tennis Club, located on Avenida Judge Santos Neves, in Praia do Canto in Victory.

With the theme “Brazil seen from the inside” the Holy Spirit full Color House 20 years on this issue and is full of novelties for visitors.

One of the strongest trends that I saw there was a predominance of neutral tones. In 90% of the environments, the colors present were white and  gray, they have taken over the couches, walls, floors and fixtures, giving it a touch more clean the composition, not to mention that the light shades tend to “enlarge” the spaces. Besides, the gray brings a more refined urban footprint that is super high!

To give even more veracity to urbanism, the metals complement the decorations, bringing a more industrial. Unlike the commonly thought of, I found that different mixtures of metals in the environment. The “gold”, “silver” and “copper” were easily merged and the result is a timeless, modern combination and pompous.

Fleeing, showers and taps of the bathrooms and kitchens with wholesale wallpapers are predominantly golden and coppery, lavishing wealth and glamour.

Vertical gardens are also. My dream was to have a space in the apartment to make a “living wall” to call my own. You didn’t have to be so powerful, with only a few smaller spider veins I was satisfied!

The use of posters in the decoration is an easy tip, and that completely changes the aesthetics of the site. I am preparing a post with some tips on how to “play” with the harmonic and fun way.

The use of alternative materials is also a strong focus on decor. Reforestation timbers, barrels and counteract the mats elements “ostentation”. This mixture of “trash” with luxury lets even more welcoming environments and urban.

The end of an era. After years and years of being the darling of decorators and architects, the wallpaper goes out of scene and opens way for the 3D and cobogós coatings. I confess that I’m still in love with (and if you have a shiny so I love!), but three-dimensional finishes lend an air so futuristic and modern space that they won my heart!

Well … I haven’t shown everything from here, so as not to spoil the surprise, but I confess that my will is to write a few more 1000 lines on the subject.

And so, what was the trend/novelty that you liked?

Unfortunately, on Sunday some environments were not yet finished, so we could not meet 100% of the shows, but from what I saw, I realize that it’s all more than perfect!

As I mentioned, the Casa Cor officially opens on the day of September 30 and the entry will be costing $ 40 and 53 ha and 25 ha beside half.

For lovers of architecture and decoration, the visit will definitely be worthwhile!

I want to hear what you think!

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