High-quality Audio Speaker

We return with a new post on our special high – quality audio. In previous installments we speak of headphones , helmets headband and the micro systems .On this occasion, we climbed a little bar and go to a somewhat traditional but very interesting and versatile format: speakers. Teams that have adapted to the changes and today still sound filling our homes and all kinds of places.

Speaking speaker is addressing a very broad field as there are models of all kinds: wall, floor, with two speakers, with five … It also depends on where we go to use: in a room, in the living room to watch a movie to listen to music on the computer … Given this more evident variety in Technology from you to you we have prepared a selection of five speakers for everyone.

Logitech Z205 Laptop Speaker

If you normally use a laptop, we will have realized that the quality of a rule that has integrated speakers is not the best on the market. Whether for music or even watch movies there are different portable speakers without being too cumbersome, we provide a quality difference you’ll notice instantly.

Our recommendation is the Logitech Z205. Easy to set up , we just have to connect to the computer via USB to start using them, and a quality stereo sound pretty good. In addition, its design is adapted so that we can attach to the top frame of the screen of our laptop. We can also have it on a base anywhere and has a sleeve for easy transport wherever we go there.

Philips SPA5300 2.1 Speakers

We continue with computer speakers and now we have to talk of something bigger and more power system. Philips SPA5300 is a 2.1 system, two satellites and one subwoofer, ideal for those who want to enjoy the best bass. Thanks to its system dynamic reinforcements , the depth of the bass sound is higher, so if we often hear electronic music not lose sight of this model.

The frequency range is quite extensive so the clarity of sound we get is pretty good in this type of format speakers. Its power, 100 watts , is not far behind. Size and quality for this model is perfect for computers, as well as for televisions or other devices: CD players, MP3 players …

Speakers Logitech Z506 5.1

If 2.1 is small and we want to fill our sound room, we recommend the Logitech Z506. With five satellites we can enjoy the best 3D surround sound . If you are listening to audio in stereo speakers are responsible for converting the signal so we can hear all sound sources.

With 75 watts have enough power to vibrate with the music and enjoy butt of our favorite movies. This particular model has several entrances so that we can connect from your computer to an MP3 player through the major game consoles and DVD and Blu-Ray players.

Logitech has become a reference sound in regards to value for money.

For more information on availability and price of Logitech Z506 click here.

Bose Companion 3 Series II

So far we have talked about three assorted speakers with a fairly good quality. However, we now we put squarely with heavy weights, equipment for gourmets. Our recommendation in the format are the Bose 2.1 Companion 3 Series II. On two satellites and a subwoofer we must not be deceived by the number, because their quality is outstanding.

To offer a very clear stereo sound Bose this model has two small satellites but with excellent quality in the treble and midrange line. The subwoofer, 6.7 kilos, provides impressive bass. Although few in number, thanks to technology TrueSpace hear the sound as coming from more sources. Although already carry some time on the market today is still one of the best options for connecting to a computer or a console.


Just our list with a HiFi system that will delight film lovers and music. Infinity PRIMUS is a 5.1 speaker system that will provide high quality sound and excellent volume thanks to its low impedance and 100 watts of power. The speakers are not powered so you have to buy an amplifier A / V apart.

The rest of its specifications are not far behind: 86 dB sensitivity on each speaker, a subwoofer 15kg and magnetic shielding to prevent electronic devices break around with magnets. Infinity is one of the most prestigious brands in the sector and the PRIMUS HCS demonstrates perfectly why this is so.

For more information on availability and price of Infinity PRIMUS HCS SYST clickhere .