High Heels and Health Problems

1954 marks a true revolution in women’s fashion – Roger Vivier collaboration with fashion house “Dior” create the first collection of shoes with high heels. The new style was greeted with enthusiasm by most women. And more than half a century heels rule the world of women’s fashion in shoes. However … Top 5 health problems caused by high heels:

• Varicose veins (varicose)

• Thrombophlebitis

• Undercutting and convulsions of feet

• Deformities

• Arthritis and osteoarthritis is estimated that every 2 cm heel increases the load on the fingers by 25%.

With prolonged use of high heels achilles tendon “dries”. In the risk group are all women who wear heels more than 10 cm more than 1-2 times a week. Heels are contraindicated for pregnant women – adding weight changes the center of gravity and women harder keep his balance. Such shoes are inappropriate and age, when the body grows because it damages the normal development of the foot. Heels should not bear all suffering from osteoporosis. If you can not it’s safe “dose” high heels can wear 2-3 hours 2-3 times a week, they alternate with shoe heel height to 2-5 cm. legs should be given the opportunity to relax. Benefits are walking barefoot, massage, special creams. To prevent varicose veins, the most suitable of socks elastic leotard. A number of special insoles that better “cover” foot and loaded evenly. Most importantly, however, the shoes must be selected suitable in size and design so that neither shake nor too broad. According to the study in college, “Harvey Mad” in California, women who long enjoyed shoes high electricity, have a slender legs lovers of low shoes.

According to Shoesespecially.com do high heels give a woman confidence that helped her in her career and personal life. Italian scientists from the University of Verona have shown that high heels increase sexual transmission of the woman. Even their appearance makes men turn. For the woman herself is there another – physiological – benefit: walking in high heels train the pelvic floor muscles that are relevant to female orgasm. A healthy pelvic floor also reduces the risk of descent of the uterus – nasty problem that requires medical intervention. According to the online poll determined women high heels as:

• Very sexy – 35.7%

• A real grief – try not to wear – 21.4 %

• A nice detail that makes me more attractive – 14,3%

• The sneakers are my choice – 14,3%

• Attribute real woman – 7%

• Fashion bonds – 7.3%.